What I want to see from the Future of the MCU

What I want to see from the Future of the MCU

My ideas for the next stages of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man, Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, SHIELD.

First off let me say something that may result in some fan-boy rage… I have Not read the comics… apart from about 15issues of a Spiderman series and The Watchmen I’ve never followed the main comic storylines. I have none-the-less been a massive fan of the movies and characters for years, I played Marvel Ultimate Alliance for so long I think I missed a birthday.

These latest series of films I can only say blew my mind and I cannot wait to see what Kevin Feige and the rest of the Marvel crew have in store for us. No doubt it will be beyond our wildest expectations, my brain hurts thinking about just how many films we’ll get before it’s all over, I like to imagine it’ll be around 30, but while we all consider the possibilities I thought I’d share some thoughts I had on where I’d like to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe to go.

One of the most talked about Superhero films of recent years has to be The Dark Knight Rises (yes I know it’s not Marvel, stick with me)… why?? Because it ended the story. Unlike so many franchises which won’t dare stop in the hope of the next film earning even more money, in the end the quality of the storytelling goes out the window, and while I, like so many others, had some issues with TDKR I applaud Christopher Nolan for having the guts to give the hero a proper send off. Marvel take note! You Can Kill Of Heroes… Come on you’ve got Joss Whedon as you’re big director and all the heroes are still alive?! Now RDJ’s contract has ended with IM3 it could be possible that the Mandarin could end up killing Tony Stark… and personally I say, good. While I love the Iron Man films and would love to see more of Tony, killing off their first major cinematic hero would send shockwaves through the fans, giving the films some major tension… No one should be safe… although I will also say I’d like to see Tony and the Mandarin survive IM3 and Avengers2 before both going out in a massive re-match in IM4. Or he can at least retire, but it would be more exciting for him to die.

Thor was my favourite Phase1 film besides Avengers (does anyone really call it Avengers Assemble, I’m English so we got the crap title) and I love the relationship between Thor and Loki. It’s unique and always fairly unpredictable. I want four title movies for each character including Thor, but I feel he is character who Should Die… not because he’s a bad character, I like him a lot… but for one word… RAGNOROK… imagine the announcement of Thor4 being called Thor: Ragnorok… mind blown!! Also Thor 3… lets get our first lady baddie in with the Enchantress. Plus the final Thor movie could finally give Loki redemption, after he flees in Thor3 to hide from shame he returns to fight and die in Ragnorok and goes out with glory. And if Alan Taylor dares to kill of Lady Sif before Ragnorok he’ll have hell to pay.

With Captain America Joss Whedon could have his character to kill (murdering bastard, Serenity flashbacks) if after CaptainAmerica:WinterSoldier and CaptainAmerica:ReturnOfRedSkull (who has been a prisoner in Asgard as revealed in Thor:TDW) we get Avengers3: Civil War… and we all know how that ends… We’ll see what CA:WS is like then we’ll know if Bucky Barnes could hold the Shield for his late friend. Plus in the Winter Soldier, let him finally have a dance with Peggy just before she passes away (tears all round) Oh yeh… and sort out the costume, it worked for Avengers when we knew Coulson the fan boy designed it but for the next solo film it needs to be bulkier and look more like armour, and the helmet needs to stop making his head look a little like a penis.

As for Hulk… I don’t know… I want to see another solo Hulk movie but how can they keep it interesting, I loved seeing him on the run in Incredible Hulk and I know a lot of people want to see the Leader make an appearance but I just want to see more of Tim Roth as the Abomination (question, can the Abomination return to human form or is he stuck?) I’m also interested if they’ll re-cast everyone else now Norton has been replaced, yes/no?

With AntMan I did a little research and now I’m excited, not for the action, I’ll wait and see, but Hank Pym beats his wife, creates the super villain Ultron and is a perv, now that sounds interesting… lets see that happening, make a completely unique storyline for a hero. I’m sure the action and the shrinking stuff will work in the end but at the moment I’m having trouble picturing it.

Guardians of the Galaxy… I don’t know much about so I’ll just wait and see what the film is like… Rocket Racoon sounds awesome… and my casting choice for Star Lord… John Barrowman, lets get more Brits in there, plus he’s a fan-boy favourite. But my big fear with this film, I know it’s set in space, but don’t have every scene take place in the dark… that’s one thing about action films that irritates, why do so many of the fight scenes take place at night.

But let us not forget the SHIELD series, is there any better time to re-introduce smaller but no less awesome/interesting heroes like Luke Cage, Daredevil, Iron Fist (don’t know but people seem to like him) and a Marvel Studios made Punisher (who else wants Thomas Jane back.) Hopefully some of the movie heroes will show up every now and again but I’m not holding out much hope for that.

For a bit of racial diversity I hope we get to see an all black cast for a Black Panther movie… I know Marvel were unsure about a film set in another country besides America but they seem to be doing it with IM3 in China so who knows, would make for an interesting change in dynamic for the films and please anyone who thinks MCU is a little too white.

I am also someone who does believe that we’ll see Spiderman in one of these movies, maybe not as often as we’d like but I think he’ll make an appearance here and there, I’ll be looking out for the Oscorp tower in IM3. With these films I know a lot of people are worried about the boring character of Electro being the big bad in ASM2 and while I understand, I can only imagine he’ll be Norman Osborn’s main henchman. I loved the fact Osborn was the man behind everything in the first movie despite not making a full appearance. And lets kill Gwen too, we all know its coming but please please please don’t form a love triangle between Peter, Gwen and MJ… just don’t do it.

Well I think I’ve said everything I wanted to say, I know I killed off quite a few characters (my bad) if I’ve made any mistakes in my research I’m very sorry (please don’t kill me nerdy people) leave any feedback you have and tell me what you want to see in the MCU… Plus I’ve really enjoyed writing this, let me know if you would like to see me write here again.
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