Which Avengers should join the line up in future films.

I discuss which Avengers would be benificial to the team and to the franchise, and which ones would not...

With the billion dollar success of "Marvel's the Avengers" it's only normal that a sequel to this blockbuster film is in order. As well as a third film which should undoubtedly come to be in somewhere from 5-10 years from now. Anyways, these are my thoughts on which heroes should be added to the team, and how they would benefit the team. I have also compiled a group of heroes that I do not think would be good additions to the team. Thank you all for reading and please leave feedback in the comment section.

The Heroes that I think should join the team in future films.

I have heard many rumors surrounding the line up of future Avengers films. I think that only three more heroes should be added because any more than 9 superheroes on the team at one time is just way too much. So these are the thee heroes that I feel would benefit the Avengers team, and the franchise as a whole. The first hero I think should be joining the line up is Ant-Man, also known as dr. Hank Pym. Ant-Man is the true genius of the Avengers in my opinion, he brings much to the table in many ways including his unique physical abilities, along with his genius mind. Including Ant-Man will easily be benificial to the team, and if he is included we will get to see some really interesting science geek talk between Ant-Man, Iron Man and Dr. Banner. Ant-Man is a necessary Avenger because first of all he was a founder. Secondly, because he brings a lot of things to the table that the other characters don't. His size changing is a big part of it, and that is his main ability. But there is much more to him than that, Ant-Man is a genius even beyond Dr. Banner if you ask me. I also liked the situation that he was put in when he appeared as a character in "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" tv show. He was a pacifist who would try to take a less violent approach to stopping criminals and I think that would work perfectly for the movie.

Next up is Ms. Marvel,  also know as Carol Danvers. Ms. Marvel is another superhero that has been rumored to appear in the sequel of The Avengers. I think that bringing in Ms. Marvel is a great idea, she would add a bit more to the team. She is a very interesting character, she would also add much needed female characters because as of right now there is only one girl superhero included in the team. That being Black Widow, and Black Widow isn't even close to the massive power levels that Ms. Marvel has. Ms. Marvel is going to appeal to a feminist crowd, a regular female crowd, and of course the male crowd that just go to movies for the eye candy. Ms. Marvel would appeal to these and more in the same way that Wonder Woman does. Ms. Marvel has the potential to become a new mega hit character, I think including her would be very benificial to the team aspect and also to bring in the cash.

Lastly, the hero I think should join the team is the Black Panther, also known as T'Challa the king of Wakanda. Well, as of right now, the Avengers team is a white wash (not counting Hulk, he's got green skin) . I don't believe that Nick Fury would count, he was never officially an Avenger in the comics , so I don't see why he should be counted as one in the films. Black Panther will bring much needed racial diversity to to the Avengers team, but still without just being a black token. He's much, much more than token black, he's got some really great skills and abilities to bring. I could see him acting as a mediator between the arguments of the team, he would play the middle man. Truly, Black Panther will also bring a slightly darker feel to the team, you know in the Batman-esque way. Anyways I believe that Black Panther will make a valuable addition to the team as well as bringing in racial diversity.

Heroes that I don't think would be good to add to the roster.

While I really do like all of these characters, and would never try to bag on them. I really do not think that these guys would benefit the team in any way. Again, a few of my all time favorites are in this group so I'm not hating on the characters themselves, I just don't feel that they would be good ones to add to the roster.
Where do I start? Well I have always thought that the Wasp shouldn't suit up with the rest of them. Now, I know what you're thinking "you can't have Ant-Man without Wasp."  I really do think Wasp is actually a good character, and somewhat cool in her own way. But I really don't think that she should have ever been an Avenger. Now, before you start to enter into a nerd rage, just please hear me out on this one. The reason why I don't think that the Wasp should have ever been on the Avengers team is because she does not bring any thing unique to the team. Her powers are flight, energy projection and size changing. But Thor and Iron Man could already fly, Iron Man has better kinds of energy projection, and Ant-Man can already size change. (Although Hank brings a lot more to the table than size changing.) The Wasp seemed to me like when Marvel wanted to try and be politically correct, so they included a female character in their original line up. So I really don't think that Wasp is truly going to add anything unique to the team, all she would do is take up valuable screen time.

Hercules is another character that has been rumored around for the possibility of an appearance in the Avengers sequel. Again, before you begin on the warpath against me, just hear me out okay. The reason why Hercules should not appear in Avengers 2, is because he wouldn't truly bring anything to the table that isn't already there. He is a bulletproof,  rough skinned, all around  tank of a character. But truth is Hulk is already bulletproof and has tough skin and vast strength just like Hercules, as doesThor. The team already has a mythological heavyweight and that is Thor. Hercules will only add more characters getting screen time, and take screen time away from other characters that need it more than he does. Hercules should definitely not be included in the sequel to the Avengers. These are the same reasons why I do not want She-Hulk to make an appearance in the film, she's cool and everything. But everything that she and Hercules bring to the table is something that is already there. They are unnecessary Avengers...

Well next is Wolverine... How do am I going to do this? Well, I really know that the movie rights to Wolverine aren't currently owned by Marvel Studios. They are owned by Fox, and to tell the truth Fox is doing a pretty bad job with him if you ask me. But that is beside the point, If Wolverine was owned by Marvel I would still say that he should not be included in this next Avengers movie. The reason why I think this is because Wolverine would become a screen hog. He's already a fan favorite, he is really only going to become another popularity hog if he was included in this film. I mean, we already have Iron Man, and he is already getting a bit more screen time than the others, because he is the most popular. Just like in the first three X-Men films almost all the characters get duped for Wolverine. I mean don't get me wrong, I like Iron Man and Wolverine just as much as the next guy, but adding Wolverine isn't going to do anything good for them. Because the team already has one super popular super star. That is Iron Man. 

Of all the characters that have been rumored to join the line up in Avengers 2, Spider-Man just has to be the one who people want the most. Like many of us, I had thought that including Spidey would be a great idea. But now that I've given it a bit more thought, I truthfully do not think that it would be a good idea. There are actually quite a few reasons why I think including Spider-Man would be a bad idea. One reason is the same as Wolverine, if Spidey is in this movie. He is going to become another screen time hog just like Iron Man, Spidey is easily the most popular of Marvel's heroes. So it seems like it would be smart to include him..right? No, Spidey is one of my favorites but I really do not think that him appearing in Avengers 2 is going to be benificial to the team or to his own franchise. Spider-Man has plenty of his own stories to keep him going for a while, I mean we need to see Kraven in a movie. Electro as well, bringing Spidey into the Avengers will really just hurt his own career as well. He needs his solo stuff to stay solo, because the way I see it. Spider-Man is mostly just a loner anyway. So, I say just leave Spider-Man alone. He's fine by himself, and that's the same reason that I don't want Daredevil to be in the movie. Because he's just better off alone ...

On the first arrival of the Avengers film in 2012, there was one big question on almost every comic fan's mind after they had saw the film. That question is regarding to the whereabouts of War Machine in the Avengers movie. I, like many of us was wondering why War Machine would be in the Iron Man movie but not the Avengers movie. Many of us, including myself stated at first that since War Machine didn't appear in the first film, that he should be a team member in the sequel. I however am inclined to disagree, now I feel that including War Machine will not be a good idea. The reason for this? Because the team already has Iron Man, War Machine would only take away from Iron Man's uniqueness. We already have an Iron Man, we already have a tank with rocket boosters... Iron Man...we don't really need two of them do we? No, we do not is my answer, War Machine is only going to take away precious screen time that should go to others who need it... He is going to take more than he gives, and that is why he should not be a member in this film.

Alright, I'll keep this last one short I promise. I think that Luke Cage and Iron Fist need their own film together, but I don't think that them appearing in the Avengers 2 is going to help their own career or the career of the team. I don't want Cage to join for similar reasons that I don't want Hercules and She-Hulk to join. He does not really have anything other than his strength and unbreakable skin. There are many Avengers that have bulletproof skin, and greater super strength. As for Iron Fist, I think that he is a very interesting and cool character, however I do believe that he wouldn't add anything special to the group. As of right now, there are two master hand to hand combatants on the team. Those being Black Widow and Captain America, and going off of my own roster, there will be three of them. So really Iron Fist isn't needed on the team.

Well, those are all. I am open to the idea of Doctor Strange, Falcon, Vision and Spider-Woman. Although they would not be my first choices, thank you for reading and as always feedback and red glove is appreciated.
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