Which Marvel Comics Character Is The Strongest?

Which Marvel Comics Character Is The Strongest?

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On my fansite I had a poll asking, which Marvel Comics character is the strongest? Well the results of the poll weren't very surprising

48 Votes (68.57%)

8 Votes (11.43%)

Votes (0%)

5 Votes (7.14%)

1 Votes (1.43%)

Votes (0%)

7 Votes (10.0%)

But which Marvel character do you think is really the strongest? With a wide array of characters including Hulk, Red Hulk, SheHulk, Thor, Juggernaut, Thing, Colossus, Ares,or maybe even Apocalypse,the title STRONGEST MARVEL HERO is a hard choice.

My vote went straight to the Hulk to only because of his raw strength but power wise he could probably be beaten a lot.Other Marvel heroes also have strength and power but I specifically wouldn't count(ex. Galactus,Silver Surfer,Living Tribunal,etc.)

Give me your opinion of Marvel's Strongest Character.
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