Which Part Of Tony Stark Are You?

Which Part Of Tony Stark Are You?

In Marvels The Avengers, Tony Stark/Iron Man labeled himself not only a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist but a volatile, self-obsessed, and does not play well with other. This poll asks which one are you?

Tony Starks genius is very misunderstood, except with Bruce Banner. A genius excels at levels others cannot comprehend. One might not consider themselves a genius at science or math, but genius is measured on knowledge and commmon sense.

It might be highly unlikely that billionaires are members on this site but a billionaire can be a billion dollars short. The life of a billionaire is spent as a careless, free and exciting life.

Or playgirl, one who consider theirself a playboy are involved in multiple acts of not just sex but being irresistibly attractive. Tony Stark is showered with beautiful women from models, bimbos and college girls.

Philanthropists care about the welfare of others over their own. They donate whatever they can for the benefit of others. Tony Stark exhibits this through his change in heart for Stark International.

Individuals of the volatile nature are easily struck into violence by even the most minor situations. Tony Stark is not the most volatile character, Banner, but he still maintains some out of the ordinary behavior, "I have a plan...attack!"

Vain, narcissistic people who find that they themselves are much more important/interesting than anything else. Tony Stark high opinion of himself is all right, he's Tony Stark.

Don't Play Well With Others
Not considered a loner but more awkward when it comes to working with someone. There might not be great chemistry or there are plights to deal with but others are not ones best match. Stark obviously is better alone because results seem better when it occurs.

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