Who should play Ant-Man

Who should play Ant-Man

Here are my 4 Top Choices for Hank Pym/Ant-Man

Yes i know i have talked about Ant-Man a lot but i promise this is going to be the last post involving Ant-Man for a while. Here are my candiates for who should be Hank Pym

The Most Likely one:

Adrian Brody

While i think he is a very good actor..and i think it could a excellent job as Ant-Man,here is the problem.Personally i think he is a bit too boring..sure he is a good actor but he is a bit boring. Sure he would be a good choice but he is not my top choice

The British One:

Benedict Cumberbatch

My 2nd most requested person to play Ant-Man.Bendict is not only a great actor but he honestly could pull of Hank really well and he is more likely than my number one choice. Overall he is a great choice for Ant-Man.

The Awesome One

Bradley Cooper

I know a lot of people want to see him as Flash but i think he could pull off Ant-Man really well.Not only is he a good actor but he has charm and humor..which in my opinion..is required to play someone like Ant-Man.Bradley is in the middle for me.He is not my favorite choice but he would be a pretty good choice

And the person i want to see play Ant-Man the most is:

Matt Smith

I know this may shock you but i freaking love Doctor Who and one of the main reasons why i like Doctor Who is Matt Smith.Not only is he a great actor but he also very unpredictable which fits Hank well.Yes i know he is busy with DW but i would still love to sere Matt play Hank.In my mind..he is the perfect choice.
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