Why Deadpool should be played by Ryan Reynolds/ things to remember about the Deadpool movie

I have seen a lot of disapproval of Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool for the Deadpool movie. When it does get made, Deadpool should be played by Ryan Reynolds in mine and a ton of others opinions.

He is dedicated

Say what you want about how many roles he has been taking, but Ryan is dedicated to playing this freaking role. He was a Deadpool fan who wanted his shot at being Deadpool, and when he reached the point of no return, FOX went and effed it up, not only for him, but for Deadpool fans across the globe. However, instead of just taking his money and saying "F*ck it", Ryan came back and said "I'll make things right."

He's proven himself.

Ryan can play a wisecracking mercenary he has proven this when he played Wade in Xmen Origins: Wolverine., he just needs a bit of practice to add a bit of "insane".

Name one other MALE HOLLYWOOD actor who is openly a Deadpool fan

This is what hits the nail on the head. Ryan openly admits to being a comic book nerd, and admits to loving the heck out of Deadpool comics.

Things to remember about Deadpool when making the movie

He CAN be a relatable character WITHOUT any changes

I don't know about any other comic book nerds, but as someone with Aspergers Syndrome, I really could relate to Deadpool. People constantly forcing me to behave like they did, people saying I was too talkative, being a social outcast. Those were all social problems that Wade faced, and I used to lay down in my bed and pretend that one day I would become a mercenary just like him, SO DON'T MAKE ANY CHANGES TO HIS CHARACTER, I'll speak with my wallet.

Make him the right kind of insane (just read it)

Before you exit the window, let me FULLY explain this one.

When I imagine a live action Deadpool, I imagine he is more "Blow it the fuck up" insane with a gallon of wiseass, he doesn't have limits but he has an honor code. This is how I see him in the comics. He'll basically run into a guarded base with fully armed soldiers, and start shooting like a mad man.

R or not, make Deadpool in character, and make the action scenes awesome

I'm going to say it right now, Joe Kelly's run was PG-13.

I know I know, why would I want this movie to be PG-13?

Well for one, this makes it so FOX has no excuse to make the movie Low Budget. PG-13 doesn't exclude blood (The Amazing Spiderman had blood in it) people. We could have a high quality, high budget, Deadpool Movie, all we need to do is sacrifice the gore.

And don't think it's because I'm too young to see R movies alone, because while that is true, my father has promised to take me to see it as my first R movie, if it comes out.
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