WINNER HULK AND COLOSSUS! They leave the Thing and Mr. Grundy in ruins...

WINNER HULK AND COLOSSUS! They leave the Thing and Mr. Grundy in ruins...

The triumphant return of Comic Book Battleground and the RealFirstAvenger. Finishing off the last battle between these powerhouses based purely on the votes of the fans. For those of you new to the concept or just rusty check out the fansite for all the goods.

You voted and 80% of you beleived the Hulk and Colossus would wipe the floor with DC's zombie powerhouse Solomon Grundy and Aunt Petunia's blue eyed nephew, Mr. Benjamin Grimm. Heres how it went down...

What Happened?

The Thing jumped down from the pile of rubble that once resembled an automobile with one thing in mind...

"IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME!!" he shouted as he ran once again for the Hulk. Grimm knows that Colossus is small time compared to the immeasurable power of the gamma radiated Hulk.

"HULK SMASH ORANGE MAN!" the ground shook as these two combatants ran towards each other with abandon. Colossus looks on in horror as two people he has called friends rush to beat on each other when out of the corner of his eye he notices a flash of white too late to stop a solid fist of zombie flesh connect with the side of his face.

Reeling from the powerful hit, he has no time to put his gaurd up as Solomon Grundy grabs the nearest available weapon, a telephone pole and sends Colossus flying into a nearby office building. As Grundy gives chase the battle between two of Marvels strongest heroes rages on.

The Hulk smashed an empty city bus down on the Thing who is starting to show that he may not be doing as well as he'd hoped. "That zombie gotcha all kinds of riled up didn't he you green son of a..." but he was cut short as a well placed kick to the head sent him flyin across the street.

As the Thing starts to catch his breath, he see's that the Hulk is not done with him. He lunges into the Hulks midsection and takes him down to the ground. He wastes no time in going to work with flying fist of rock and New Yorker rage.

But the beating stops as Solomon Grundy comes flying onto the scene in the form of flying zombie projectile sending the Thing flying several feet away. "You have lost your mind comrade, but Colossus cannot let you hurt Dr. Banner. I will end this!!"

Armed with fist of organic metal and gamma radiated rage, the Hulk and Colossus charge at the downed team of Grimm and Grundy. While Colossus starts to pound on Solomon Grundy the Hulk has not forgotten the beating he just suffered, and it has done one thing for him; make him very, very mad.

"HULK SMASH YOU STUPID ORANGE MAN! SMASH YOU TO BITS!!" The Thing managed to block a few swings and even get in a few shots of his own, but with each hit the Hulk grew more and more crazed, until finally he snapped.

"RAAAGH!" With a well placed punch the Thing was on the ground and Hulk was no longer interested in simply beating on him, instead he reached for a nearby street light.

Out of the corner of his eye Colossus noticed the change in tactics and cried out too late to stop the Hulk from plunging the lamp post deep into the heart of his friend Grimm. "HULK IS STRONGEST THERE IS! HULK KILLS ROCK MAN!"

With his final outburst the Hulk leaps into the air and away from the scene of absolute carnage left in his wake. Colossus leaves the unconscious form of Grundy on the street and runs over to comfort his friend.

"Tell stretch... and Susie... that... they were always... my family." The Thing coughed up blood and lay very still. "And... Johnny too..."
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