Wolverine finally putting his claws to some culinary use???? Check it out!!

Wolverine finally putting his claws to some culinary use???? Check it out!!


He can slice and dice a sentinel in under a minute, but we have never seen Wolverine like this before! We have all heard the news about Hugh Jackman starring in the Japan based sequel to X-men Origins: Wolverine next year, but I think Hugh might have got his cultures a little mixed up though. Instead of the action packed, samurai training sequel we were all hoping for, Hugh Jackman is giving us...the Kimchi chronicles?

Thats right premiering this Friday on PBS Wolverine will be starring in his very own Korean cooking show. Hugh Jackman will be starring in this 13 part series with Heather Graham along side world-renown French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his half-Korean wife Marja.

The Australian actor actually narrates. "Korean food isn't shy," he says in a genial growl. "It's all about loud, punchy flavors. About ingredients that take time to pickle and ferment in giant earthenware pots." Bourdain probably never thought he'd have to compete with an X-Men.”

I don't know how I feel about this, I love PBS, and korean food is soooo good but is Hugh Jackman the best choice? Will Hugh Jackman be able to bring the spice to this korean cooking show that was ever so lacking in Origins. I guess we will have to tune in and find out. Let me know what you think!

Ps. Thanks again Ncreb for the help!
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