X-men Days of Futures Past fan cast

X-men Days of Futures Past fan cast

This is my fan cast for my favorite comic book heroes the x-men

I'm back and if you didn't know as my name suggests x-men are my favorite comic book heroes. I wanted to do an X-men fan cast for while and I couldn't decide if I wanted to do X-men 4 or X-men origins Nightcrawler. But when they announced Days of futures past i got really X-cited(haha get). So here is my fan cast for the upcoming movie.

70s x-men

Beast-Nicholas Hoult
In this movie they should focus on a politician side of Hank and explore his debates with world leaders for mutants.

Charles Xavier/Professor X-James Mcavoy
In this movie Professor X should get more serious and they should go deeper into his friend foe relationship with Magneto

Banshee-Caleb laundry Jones
Honestly I was never a big fan of banshee and I feel they did all they can with his character.But he did offer some cool scenes in First class so he could stick around for a while.

Moira Mactaggert-Rose Byrne
She should be one of the top teachers in the movie and they could make her
partners in the lab with beast so they could get her closer to the geneticist counterpart in the comics

Havok-Lucas Till
I really liked Lucas Till in First Class and thought he did well.My only problem is him around this time messes up cyclops origin a bit.Maybe they will change Havok from being cyclops brother to his father that would be interesting.

Psylocke-Jamie Chung
I picked Jamie Chung because she is beautiful and is a good enough actress to play this role.Since there are so many characters she won't get a full background but enough to sustain.

Sunfire-Aaron Yoo
I chose because he looks the role and I feel he could bring and interesting dynamic to the character.Also he could be the comic relief of the group.

Petra-Emily VanCamp
She is a very good actress in revenge is hot as hell.She may not have a lot of good movies under her belt but she is great nonetheless.

Thunderbird-Chaske Spencer
I'll be honest I don't know much about Chaske Spencer and I just chose him because I wanted an real Native American actor to play him. But as I recall thunderbird wasn't much of a talker. So if Spencer says a few lines and has some cool ass action scenes I'm all OK with him.

70s Brotherhood of mutants

Toad-Anton Yelchin
He is my second favorite mutant behind Nightcralwer and I thought it was a huge injustice to kill him of like that. In this movie he could play more of the sniveling henchmen who makes a few funny comments and has some great scenes, and Anton would be perfect for that.

Emma Frost-January Jones
In this film her character could try rival magneto for leadership of the brotherhood and could help play a part in the assassination of JFK.

Azazel-Jason Flyming
They should further the relationship between Mystique and Azazel.

Riptide-Alex Gonzales

Tempest-Zoe Kravitz

Blob-Kevin Durand
This movie would feature Blob before he got fat and before he was in weapon x. Since I'm unclear if he he died in X-men Origins Wolverine or not I didn't include him in the both.But if he did it would be funny to see the dynamic between fat blob and skinny blob.

2014 X-men

Storm-Halle Berry
In this movie she will lead the X-men and the school (before Xavier comes back).

Iceman-Shawn Ashmore
Him and rogue will have gotten married and are thinking about having a kid when rogue's powers begin to come back.He also is the leader of the new recruits.Like the comic book he will be in full ice form when he fights.

Angel-Hayden Christensen
While I didn't think Ben Foster was terrible as Angel I decided to recast him.Hayden is a great actor and has a lot of range.

Bishop-Morris Chestnut
He was my second choice(after Michael Jai White) but I wanted to be original and I feel Chestnut could be great.In this movie he is the leader of the left over X-men during the apocalyptic world.

Colossus-Daniel Cudmore
He should have a bigger role in this movie and be bishop's right hand man. He should also have some kind of relationship with Kitty.

Rogue-Anna Paquain
Anna Paquain is a good actress but I didn't like her portrayal of Rogue that much.That being said I'm gonna give her the Banshee treatment and kill her off at the end of the movie.

Boom Boom-Katrina Bowden
I chose her because she is super sexy and can pull off the unstable personality of Boom Boom.She could also be a good comic relief with snarky
remarks and sarcastic lines.

Mercury-Lily Collins
I don't know much about mercury's origin but the 2014 x-men were looking a little scarce so I added the character.

Cannonball-Jake Abel
I've always wanted to see a teen cannonball similar to x-men evolution in film. Kind of a jokester but a nice guy who rode a dirt bike and I feel Abel could do the part justice.

2014 Brotherhood of mutants

Juggernaut-Brandon Molale
Molale is known for being big men and this role would be know different.He would be the enforcer of the group.

Multiple Man-Matthew Grey Gubler
I put Gubler as multiple man because I really like him in Criminal Minds
and the character needed more life in him.

Pyro-Aaron Stanford
In this movie Pyro is the leader of the brotherhood and is much more serious.

Avalanche-Ben Barnes
I only know Barnes from the Narnia sequels but he was pretty good and it would be really cool to see avalanche's powers on film.

Mutants that appear in both times

Magneto-Michael Fassbender and Ian Mckellen
In this film 70s Magneto struggles to hold a team together and tries to take over the country.

Kitty Pryde-Ellen Page

Mystique-Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Romajin

Key plot points

-Something should happen in the past that causes a mutant hating apocalyptic future

- Like i said earlier Kitty Pryde should play some role in the going back
in time.

-Rogue and Banshee should die

-The danger room should be made in the 70s timeline

-Maybe they could somehow bring Magda(Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's mother) as a love interest for magneto

-Professor X should return

-Sentinels should be main antagonist(this is obvious)

-I liked the idea that Bryan singer said that JFK's death might be somehow
involved.If they could make it work I'm all for it.

-The main story should jump around from 1975 to 2014

-Mystique and Azazel should have some sort of relationship and end up in Germany in the end.Possibly setting up a nightcrawler movie.

-Blob should mention the weapon x program to tie in with x-men origins wolverine

-Finally Wolverine should make a cameo at the end in the 2014 timeline returning from japan to follow Wolverine and set up X-men 4.
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