X-Men Fancast

X-Men Fancast

How I would cast an X-Men film if I could choose any actors at any point in their career.

This is my X-Men Cast in a perfect world where time and age is not an issue. I have picked out certain actors at their appropriate age when they would be best fit to play these characters. I hope this explaination is enough that I don't get comments about why I would choose some actors who could not possibly play the characters because of their current age. Hopefully this is obvious when you see some of my choices.

This is a slightly different approach than the fancasts I have seen before on here and I just thought it would be fun to switch things up a bit by removing some limitations. So without further adieu...

Professor X - Hugo Weaving

Cyclops - Tom Cruise

Jean Grey - Nicole Kidman

Wolverine - Clint Eastwood

Storm - Angela Bassett

Beast - Mads Mikkelsen

Rogue - Kate Mara

Gambit - Matthew Bomer

Iceman - Eddie Redmayne

Nightcrawler - James Frain

Colossus - Dolph Lundgren

Jubilee - Kristen Kreuk

Magneto - Rutger Hauer

Sabertooth - Kevin Durand

Mystique - Jennifer Connelly

Toad - John Hawkes

Juggernaut - Nathan Jones

So there you have it. The X-Men movie that will never exsist except inside my head. Comments are welcome!
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