X-Men: Genesis (Part 1)

X-Men: Genesis (Part 1)

My cast for a reboot of the X-Men. This is only the first half of my casting. Characters like the Brotherhood will come later.

I'll start by saying that I love all the current X-Men movies. (I'm even looking forward to First Class.) This is meant to be a fresh, uncomplicated start. It will star the five original X-Men, with Wolverine being the new recruit.

The probable storyline will be the X-Men fighting against Magneto and his plot to take over Genosha and free all of its mutant slaves. Which sounds good, but as is always true with Magneto, his execution is horrible. The reason for the absence of a Professor Xavier in this article is that I would keep Patrick Stewart. (Hey, if Judi Dench can stay as M)

Plans for a sequel would involve Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, Gambit, Cannonball, and Rogue as the new generation. It would be called Second Genesis.

For the first part I casted only the six X-Men.

Cyclops/Scott Summers - Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles is the type of actor that can be completely serious, like Cyclops needs to be, or make you laugh, which might be just what the character needs to be in order to lead a movie like this version of Cyclops would. It would make him more of an "action hero" type of character.

Jean Grey - Alicia Witt
For Jean I chose Alicia Witt. She is a talented actress who is around the same age as Ackles. She also looks just like a real-life Jean.

Bobby Drake/Iceman - Logan Lerman
I chose him because he not only looks like the character and is the right age, but who is a great actor (He was great in 3:10 to Yuma, which is all i've seen of him). My only worry is if he can pull off the humor thats necessary for Bobby.

Hank McCoy/Beast - Sharlto Copley
This is one of those choices that just came to me. Like it seems a little off at first, but I got to thinking, and I believe he would put in a great performance, even through all the makeup. He was great as Murdock in the A-Team, and I've heard great things about him in District 9.

Warren Worthington III/Angel - Justin Hartley
In Smallville, he played Oliver very close to how I think Angel should be played. He's also around the same age as Ackles and also looks exactly like the character should, even built just like him.

Logan/Wolverine - Robert Pattinson
I chose him because, in Twilight, I think how he plays Edward is just how I would love to see Logan played...sorry, I can't keep this going, its too painful to imagine. Sorry for putting you through that. (I know, its not April Fools)

Here's the REAL Wolverine.

Logan/Wolverine - Karl Urban
I think, that with the right hair and makeup, he would look just right for Wolvie. And of course he has the acting chops to pull it off.

Look for Part 2....sometime.
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