X-Men Later Recruits

X-Men Later Recruits

More X Men!!!

Ok, I've decided to go back and make one or two changes from my previous cast "X-Men First Class" because one of them in particular (Hartnett) wasn't very good. I have also added afew more Characters that may appear in an X-Men: First Class movie. Please tell me what you think. And here we go...

Sir Ben Kingsley as Professor Xavier.
Photobucket X-Men - Prof. X

Jared Pedalecki as Scott Summers|Cyclops
Jared Pedalecki X-Men - Cyclops

Emily Blunt as Jean Grey|Phoenix
Emily Blunt X-Men - Phoenix

Emile Hirsch as Hank McCoy|Beast
Emile Hirsch Photobucket

Michael Angarano as Bobby Drake|Iceman
Michael Angarano X-Men - Iceman

Tom Felton as Warren Worthington|Angel
Tom Felton Photobucket

Later Recruits...

Milo Ventimiglia as Kurt Wagner|Nightcrawler
Milo Ventimiglia X-Men - Nightcrawler

Jensen Ackles as James "Logan" Howlett|Wolverine
Jensen Ackles X-Men - Wolverine

Zoe Saldana as Ororo Munroe|Storm
Zoe Saldana Photobucket

Jamie Bell as Sean Cassidy|Banshee
Jamie Bell X-Men - Banshee

Zachary Levi as John Proudstar|Thunderbird
Zachary Levi Photobucket

John Cho as Shiro Yoshida|Sunfire
John Cho Photobucket

Chris Pine as Calvin Rankin|Mimic
Chris Pine X-Men - Mimic

Taylor Skitsch as Remy Lebeau|Gambit
Taylor Kitsch X-Men - Gambit

Kristen Stewart as Anna Marie|Rogue
Kristen Stewart X-Men - Rogue

Brandon Routh as Piotr Rasputin|Colossus
Brandon Routh X-Men - Colossus

Erica Durance as Kitty Pryde|Shadowcat
Erica Durance Photobucket

Elisha Cuthbert as Emma Frost|White Queen
Elisha Cuthbert X-Men - White Queen

Chad Michael Murray as Alex Summers|Havok
Chad Michael Murray X-Men - Havok

Sophia Bush as Lorna Dane|Polaris
Sophia Bush X-Men - Polaris
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