"X-Men Legends: Rogue and Gambit"--The Animated Movie

"X-Men Legends: Rogue and Gambit"--The Animated Movie

A fancast starring the 'Southern Belle' and 'Ragin' Cajun' of the X-Men.

Probably one of the most recognized members of Marvel's Merry Mutants is the power-absorbin', (sometimes) melancholy missy from Mississippi, Anna Marie, better known to her friends as Rogue. In 1995, she was given her own four-issue miniseries, written by Howard Mackie and drawn by the late, great Mike Wieringo (who's quickly become one of my favorite artists in the business).

In the mini, Rogue returns to her birthplace in Mississippi to visit the comatose Cody Robbins, her first love who fell victim to her mutant power, only to find he was kidnapped by Gambit's old flame Bella Donna, the current head of the Assassins Guild (rival to his own Thieves Guild). Bella Donna wants revenge on Rogue for absorbing part of her memory (which happened in the events of the first Gambit miniseries), and threatens her with taking her anger and rage out on everyone Rogue holds dear, including Remy himself. Rogue and Gambit must not only face Bella Donna and her most lethal assassins, but also the "benefactor" to both Guilds--the External (an immortal mutant) known as Candra.

This fancast marks the third "X-Men Legends" entry I've done, and here's how this film would work:
-DVD cover art by Daniel Acuna.
-Script adapted by Chris Yost and original miniseries writer Mackie.
-Art/animation style based on Wieringo's.
-Voice direction by Andrea Romano.
-Direction by Sam Liu.
-In the credits, "Dedicated to the memory of Mike Wieringo".

Now comes the part you've all been anxious for, my voice cast:

Adrianne Palicki as the voice of Rogue/Anna Marie

Palicki stated in a recent interview that, if given the chance to play another superhero, she'd like to do either Rogue or Supergirl. Now, a lot of people here have said she's a little old for Supergirl, BUT many agreed with her playing Rogue. I think that to satisfy those who think she's also too old for the part, that she'd be great voicing the character instead. I could almost picture her fitting Rogue as Vivian Leigh was to Blanche Dubois in the film version of "A Streetcar Named Desire".

Niall Matter as the voice of Gambit/Remy LeBeau

Late in the show's run, I grew to be a fan of SyFy's (*shudders* Still feel dirty for typing that) TV series "Eureka", and to me, Matter's character Zane was the show's equivalent to a 'scoundrel' like Gambit. I figure Matter, with a Creole accent added, would be a decent voice for the Louisiana-born heartbreaker.

Jaime Pressly as the voice of Bella Donna Bordeaux

Picking Pressly was inspired by the Southern accent she sported on, of all shows, "My Name is Earl". Now, if she did it more by way of Vivian Leigh as Scarlet O'Hara in "Gone with the Wind", THEN you'd have a pretty decent voice for Bella Donna in this film.

Sanaa Lathan as the voice of Candra the External

So here's the little thing: in the comics, Candra's depicted as you see her in the above picture. On the 90's X-Men cartoon, she was depicted as an African-looking woman (probably to tie her in to New Orleans voodoo culture, since they only called her "The External", while never calling her a mutant as well). So, this take on Candra is a mix of both portrayals, and I went with Lathan since one user here used her as Storm for his X-Men fancast. (I was also inspired by Gina Torres's turn as Superwoman in "Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths").

Keith David as the voice of the Tithe Collector

Using David was inspired by his recent role as a voodoo witch-doctor in the Disney film "The Princess and the Frog", so I thought his distinctive pipes would be all right for Candra's #2.

+Bella Donna's Assassins
-Phil LaMarr as the voice of Gris-Gris

I went with LaMarr as a nod to his turn as Gambit in Wolverine and the X-Men, and I think he could nail this voodoo magician down flat.

-Rino Romano as the voice of Questa

Questa is a shape-shifter assassin, who along with Gris-Gris mentally torments Rogue at Bella Donna's behest. I've heard Romano do Spanish and the occasional Italian, and thought that he could do a good Cajun accent.

-Juliet Landau as the voice of Singer

An assassin who can project mental images from her eyes, hence her blindfold. I picked Landau while inspired by her role of DC villainess Plastique--who she voiced with a Creole accent--on Justice League Unlimited.

-Andre Sogliuzzo as the voice of Fifolet

Fifolet is an assassin with intangibility powers, who is the first one Rogue encounters. Sogliuzzo, like LaMarr, is another nod to Wolverine and the X-Men, where on that show, he voiced that universe's version of the Marauder known as Arclight.

+Supporting Characters
-Dawnn Lewis as the voice of Tante Mattie

Tante Mattie is Bella Donna's spiritual healer, sort of a medicine woman in voodoo culture. She looks after Cody, and warns Rogue of Bella Donna's plans, for she herself is disgusted by them. She also helps out Rogue in a big way in the final part of the story....
Anyway, I picked Lewis out of inspiration by a few of her voice roles: LaBarbara Conrad on "Futurama" (in terms of the voice), and two characters that give her more geek-cred--Storm in the "X-Men Legends 2" and "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" video games, and a guest role as Brick House in an episode of Static Shock.

-Doug Erholtz as the voice of Emil Lapin

Lapin is Gambit's cousin, who he bumps into on his way to New Orleans to join up with Rogue. Emil tries to dissuade Gambit from going, reminding him that Candra has it out especially for him. I picked Erholtz while inspired by his role as the semi-easygoing ninja troop leader Asuma on Naruto.

-Yuri Lowenthal as the voice of Cody Robbins

For casting Lowenthal (whose wife, Tara Platt, I've used in my "Justice League: Legacy" fancast), I figured he could do his Ben Tennyson voice with a bit of a Southern lisp to portray Cody effectively--especially in the story's final, tear-jerking part.

Additional Voices
-Susan Dalian as the voice of Storm
-John DiMaggio as Teddy, assassin
-Grey DeLisle as a tourist girl, assassin
-Kevin Michael Richardson as a sheriff, a Jazz musician, and an assassin

And that's it for me this year! Happy holidays to you all, and a happy Festivus to the restuvus! For taking the time to view this--ladies and gentlemen, from a film I just saw last night...John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band's "On the Dark Side", as sung by EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS:
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