X-Men Re-Cast

X-Men Re-Cast

EVEN Hugh Jackman is replaced...sorry about that

Yep, with the recent and somewhat scary news about Disney acquiring Marvel i figured it was only a matter of time before they got the X-Men movie rights back and this gives us a good oppurtunity to re-cast some characters even if we like the actors playing them and think they are perfect i.e Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Patrick Stewart as Professor X, anyway heres my choices, please take it easy on the comments this IS my first fan-cast or article ;)

Professor X- Ben Kingsley

This guy is the only actor capable of replacing Patrick Stewart as Professor X, we all know that he is an amazing actor, anyone who has seen Gahndi will know what I mean.

Next up
Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett- Stephen Moyer

Now before people go nuts, Hugh Jackman can't be Wolverine forever and I think maybe a younger actor might be suitable for a future X franchise. Now I'll be honest I don't watch True Blood but I do hear good things about this guy and from what I have seen of him it seems his character like Wolverine has a lot of rage, I beieleve he could play Wolverine well.

Next is
Cyclops/Scott Summers-Eric Mabius

Now this casting is quite interesting because Eric Mabius actually expressed interest in the role of Cyclops while casting was taking place for the first X-Men movie, he certainly looks like Cyclops and he is a decent enough actor, he looks good to me.

Beast/Hank McCoy-Benecio Del Toro

Now I honestly think that Benecio Del Toro is the near perfect Beast besides Kelsey Grammer, with the upcoming Wolfman he certainly is no stranger to fur and he is a very good actor who I think could do a wonderful job with Beast.

Iceman/Bobby Drake-Kyle Gallner

A lot of you guys will know Kyle Gallner as Impulse from Smallville and he is certainly able to pull off the cheeky hero which was totally absent from Shawn Ashmore's performance as Iceman, this is why I think he would make a good Iceman.

Angel/ArchAngel/Warren Warthington III-Jason Lewis

This guy is pretty much identical to Angel, never really seen his acting but I don't like the Angel character that much anyways he's kinda boring. :)

Jean Grey/Phoenix/Marvel Girl-Alicia Witt

The girl is a red-head she's kinda hot and she looks like Jean. Not much else to say.

Storm/Ororo Munroe-Kerry Washington

I like Kerry Washington, shes a very underated actress and she looks much more like Storm than Halle Berry.

Banshee/Sean Cassidy-Damien Lewis

Damien Lewis is a decent actor and hes the only red headed actor I can find who ISN'T a comedian lol.

Cannonball/Sam Guthrie-Ryan Gosling

He looks like Cannonball, nuff' said.

Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner-James Franco

Yes Harry Osborn as everyones favourite blue demonic mutant, I really think that James Franco is underated and I would like to see him as a super-hero character, he kind of looks like Kurt so he's my choice. Just don't know if he could pull of the German accent though.

Some of the Brotherhood

Sabretooth/Victor Creed-Sean Bean

What can I say about Sean Bean? He's perfect, I always wondered why he wasn't even considered the role of Sabretooth for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he's such a great actor and looks a lot like Creed.

Next up
Mystique/Raven Darkholme-Olivia Wilde

Mystique is one of my favourite X-Men characters and she's always had that sneaky, devious thing going on which for some reason reminds me of Olivia Wilde. There's just something about her that makes her..evil, I think she'd be a good fit for Mystique.

Pyro/St. John Allerdyce-Kick Gurry

Kick Gurry is an Australian actor who I think looks like Pyro, I've never seen him act but I just think that his nationality is a bonus in casting him.

Toad/Todd Tolansky-Dominiac Monaghan

I decided to go with the X-Men: Evolution version of Toad because I always liked him, he was a grungy looking Toad and I thought that was a good idea for a modern audience.

Avalanche/Lance Petrakis-Brian Austin Green

A lot of you comic fans will probably be looking at the names above and go "That isn't Avalanche's real name?!!?" and you would be correct I decided to combine the classic and Evolution versions together to make a slightly more modern Avalanche kind of like what Whiplash is like in IM2 a combination of Whiplash and Crimson Dynamo. Brian Austin Green because I couldn't think of anyone better, I don't really like BAG that much but I think he could pull of Avalanche ok.

Now for the main baddie himself
Magneto/Max Eisenhardt-Pierce Brosnan

Now I'm guessing this will be the choice people will be wary about, guys you need to remember that Magneto is not frail but strong and powerful despite his age and I thin Brosnan could pull that off, he looks like him (kinda :P) just imagine him with the white hair and the suit.

This is it so far I think I might add one or two more in soon. Thanks for reading and please comment. Be nice :)
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