X-MEN: Rogue’s Gambit

X-MEN: Rogue’s Gambit

A figure from Rogue’s past forces her to go to Gambit for aid as they embark on a journey to New Orleans that takes them on a trip through Gambit’s own tumultuous past. Unknown to both of them, they are being trailed by fellow X-Men Rachel Grey and Nightcrawler.

This is a SHORT STORY tie in for my upcoming X-MEN 6: AGE of APOCALYPSE

EDIT: I altered some dialogue and tried to adjust some of the sequences to better fit the characters.

This story takes place after my X-Men 5: The Day of Futures Past
story and before my upcoming X-Men 6 story.

This is different from my usual work, let me know what you think. It is pretty short overall. There is a cast at the end as well.

Rogue silently stuffed her bag with cloths, she didn’t want to wake her temporary roommate, Kitty Pryde. She and Kitty had been assigned a room together while the reconstruction on the dorm wing of the Xavier institute is being rebuilt. Rogue did not have on her uniform, instead she wore a simple green and yellow outfit that showed her curves, without exposing skin, over this she wore a brown jacket. Rogue quietly opened the window, slung the small duffel bag over her shoulders and dropped out of the window. She landed silently below, only to be startled by a voice “Goin somewhere Chere?”
Rogue spun around to see Gambit leaning against the wall of the mansion smoking a cigarette. Rogue caught her breath “Ah have personal things to do.”
Gambit took a drag on his cigarette “Scott an the Professor know?”
Rogue shook her head defiantly “Ah’m a big girl, ah can take care of myself. I gotta do this alone.” She said as she started to walk away.
Gambit threw down his cigarette and ground it out as he grabbed her arm, which was covered as usual “Great, Gambit’ll come with you. Keep you company.”
Rogue groaned, “No way Remy, I’m not lettin you follow me all the way to Louisiana.”
At the mention of his home state Gambit lit up “Louisiana! Why Chere, now I have to go!”
Rogue shook herself away “What do ah gotta do to get rid of you? I ain’t interested, got it?”
“Only way to get rid of Gambit is to give him a kiss Chere.” Gambit said moving closer.
Rouge shakes her head and mumbles “persistent son of a…” before saying “Yeah, that’ll get rid of ya, it’ll put you in a hospital, ah steal others power and energy ya idiot.”
Gambit smiles his most charming smile and leans close to her saying “Rogue, you can drain my energy anytime, Gambit got enough of it to go around. Trust me.”

He tries to kiss her only for Rogue to throw him into a tree.

He fell out of the tree to see her flying into the air, “A tree ain’t gonna stop Gambit Chere. I’m just gonna have to improvise.” He said looking towards the garage.

Rogue flew though the air about fifty feet above the ground when she heard and engine below, she looked down to see Gambit speeding below in a expensive convertible. Rogue sighed and swooped down to land in the seat beside him.
They drove in silence for a momen before Gambit broke the ice “You can’t fly all the way where you goin Chere. By the way, where is it that you are going?”
She dreaded saying it, but she did “New Orleans.”
Gambit smiles at this, “Well, what a coincidence, that where Gambit is from. Why don’t you let Gambit take you back home, show you the sites?”
Rogue snorts “Ah don’t want to see anythin you got to show me.”

Nightcrawler is hanging from a tree as he watched them leave. He teleported away and reappeared in Professor Xavier’s office. Xavier was sitting at his desk going over some papers, he glanced up when Kurt appeared.
“Hello Kurt, you’re up late.” He said looking back at the papers.
Nightcrawler explained what he saw, and was surprised when Xavier replied “I know, I felt them leave, both of them are quite nervous. Perhaps it is because they both have feelings for each other.”
Nightcrawler looked at the Professor in surprise “You are just letting them go? Vat if dey get into trouble?”
Xavier sat down his papers and looked at Kurt, “they are both capable people, but perhaps you are right. Kurt would you mind following them? I believe they are going to New Orleans.”
Nightcrawler shook his head “Nein. I vould stick out in a crowd.”
Xavier nodded “You would not go alone.” He said as the door opened and Rachel Grey walked in and smiled at Nightcrawler “Rachel here has agreed to go with you. Her telepathy can easily shield you both from prying eyes.”
Nightcrawler looked at her unsure, “You wish to go? With me?
Rachel nodded “They might need help. If anything it would be a chance for me to see the world as it was, or is. I want to see as much as I can.”
Xavier nodded “Good its settled then. I want you both to report back to me at your convenience.”

Kitty awoke the next morning to the shrill sound of an alarm. She sleepily went to shut it off, but instead phased her hand through it, causing it to spark and short out. Kitty opened her eyes to see that she was alone “Rogue?” she asked sleepily.
Cyclops walked down to the garage level of the Institute smiling to himself as he absentmindedly tossed a set of keys into the air and caught them. His smile faded when he saw the empty spot in the garage, well empty save for a playing card. “Gambit!” Cyclops shouted angrily.

Two days later:

Rogue and Gambit are walking down Bourbon Street listening to the bands on the street play music.

Gambit smiled easily, glad to be back in his element “Good to be home.” He repeated again. Rogue meanwhile was busy taking in the sites of the city around her.
Gambit leads Rogue to a restaurant and gets them a table near the back. Once they are there Gambit orders them a couple of drinks and finally asks Rogue “So, why are we here?”
Rogue hesitated, wanting to trust Gambit, but was unsure until she finally replied “My mother.”
Gambit is taken aback “Ya mother?”
Rogue nodded “Remember when I told you about what happened after my powers came back and ah left the X-Men?’
Gambit nodded (check X-Men 5: The Day of Futures Past for more) as Rogue continued “Well, that enemy of the X-Men ah was with was Mystique.”
Gambit stopped her a moment “The shapeshiter that used to follow Magneto around?”
Rogue nodded as she continued “Apparently Mystique was told by a Mutant that could see tha future that a young orphaned girl would have great power and be of importance to Mystiques life, so Mystique found her and raised her from when she was about three. That girl was me.”
Gambit nodded and picked up their drinks as Rogue continued “Ah never recognized her as Mystique cause when ah knew her she kept a human form. I never knew she was a Mutant. She said that she had planned to tell me when ma powers activated. But the government found out about Mystique’s secret life and hunted her down. She had to run and the government stuck me in the foster care system when ah was 14. A year later when ah was with ma new foster parents when my powers put my boyfriend in the hospital. That was right before ah met the X-Men.”
Gambit was uncharacteristically silent as he waited for her to continue.
“After my powers came back an ah left the school…ah wondered around until she found me. Mystique came to me as Raven, my momma, and told me the truth. Ah was suspicious at first, but she knew things that no one else could’ve known. Ah then worked with Mystique’s new Brotherhood until they forced me to kill that woman. And you know the rest.”

Gambit nodded and was silent for a moment before replying “An how do you know she’s in New Orleans?”
Rogue was silent now “She called me, asking for help. She said she had gotten into some trouble with a group of assassins an needed help. She may be a monster, but she’s still my momma. I gotta find her.”
Gambit stood from the table and helped her up “Well my dear, you’ve just engaged Gambit’s services. I’ll help you find her, wherever she is. Gambit knows the city like his own hand.”
Rogue smiled in spite of herself “where do we start?”
Gambit smiled smugly, “We hit the casinos.”

Unknown to Gambit and Rogue, they were being observed by a disguised Rachel and Nightcrawler, who sat at a outdoor café about a hundred yards away.
Kurt looked around nervously “Mein Got. This is unreal.”
Rachel looked at him and sat her hand on his “Take it easy Kurt, have a little fun. No one can see what we really look like. All they see is a blonde couple on a date.”
Kurt shifted uncomfortably “Date?”
She withdrew her hand with a knowing smile “Just an expression Kurt, relax.”

That night Gambit sat at a card table in a poorly lit casino, with several cigarette butts in the ashtray, and a tray of drinks near him. Rogue came up to him, Gambit could tell that she is agitated “How’s it goin Chere, any luck?”

She leaned close and whispered “Ah swear sugah, if my ass gits grabbed one more time, ah’m goin to throw someone through a wall.”
Gambit chuckled as Rogue pulled a chair up to the table and sat near him as he raised the bet on the hand. He looked at her out of the corner of his eye “Not havin fun Cheri?”
Rogue looked at him for a moment before replying “Ah was just asked if my soul was for sell.”
Gambit smiled playfully and looked at her “Well, is it?”
Rogue shook her head, and said in mock consternation, “You’re trouble, tha kind they warn about in church.”
Gambit laughed as he smiled a lopsided grin “Chere, you bring out the devil anyone.”
She shook her head “Trust a Cajun boy raised in a Catholic household to bring up the subject of sin.”

Gambit raised a brow and leaned closer, “Oh? What kinda' sin did the Southern Baptist girl have in mind?”
Rogue shook her head and pushed him away “Forget about it, an git back to your game. Sorry sugah, but it ain’t happening.”
Gambit held up the deck of cards as it was his turn to deal, “Tell you what Rogue, we cut the deck for a kiss. I git the high card I git a kiss?”
Rogue smiled and set the deck back down “Just shut up an deal.”
“Hey, if you ain’t gonna play, leave the table!” one of the other gamblers said with agitation.
Gambit shrugged and turned back to see that the others were waiting on him impatiently. He dealt the cards and glanced at Rogue “What’d dis Devil man look like? Dis fella have dreadlocks and a large ring?”
Rogue nodded as Gambit smiled “Good, that’d be Gris. Him’s a top man in the Assassins Guild.”
Rogue looked at him in surprise “They’re the ones you think has Mystique. Right?”
Gambit nodded and took a sip of whiskey as he raised another bet “The Assassins are one of da two groups that run New Orleans. The other is the Thieves Guild. We need ta be careful here.”
Rogue looked around “Why?”
Gambit swallowed, showing slight discomfort for the first time “Cause Gambit’s a member of the Thieves Guild, they’re da mortal enemies of Assassins. An dis is an Assassin run casino.”
Rogue took a sip of one of Gambit’s drinks “Why don’t we go to the Thieves then?”
Gambit raised again as one of the other players folded and left the game “Cause, the Thieves exiled Gambit from New Oleans. I’m not supposed to be here.”

Kurt and Rachel were sitting at the far corner of the bar, carefully observing Gambit and Rogue. Rachel and Kurt were talking quietly as the bartender sat down two drinks by them.
Rachel looked at him in surprise “We didn’t order these.”
The bartender nodded in the direction of Gambit’s card game “The fella in the trench coat ordered em for you.”
Rachel and Kurt looked in that direction to see Gambit discreetly nodding at them.
Kurt sighed “I used to be better at this stealth stuff.”

Rogue looked at Gambit in surprise as he won a large hand with a bluff “Well, why’d you come here?”
Gambit turned to face her “You needed me.” He looked past her and sighed “Well, dis be our ride I’d suspect.”
Rogue turned to see Gris and three other armed men silently walk up and surround them as Gambit whispered, “Don’t fight em Rogue, we don’t want them to know you got powers.”

They are led to a back alley where they see a van, Gris walks up to Gambit and holds out his hand “Hand over da keys to ya car.”

Gambit reluctantly handed him the keys to Cyclops’s car. And was pushed in the van with Rogue.

They were brought to a large mansion on the outskirts of the city, Cyclops’s car was led there as well. They were brought to a large room that almost resembled a throne room, as it was all centered around a single ornate chair. In that chair sat a beautiful woman with long blonde hair. Rogue and Gambit were forced to kneel in front of her as Gris announced their presence.

“Belladonna Boudreaux, the future leader of the mighty Assassin’s Guild. I present to you, Remy LeBeau, exiled head of the cursed Thieves Guild.” Before he could continue, Belladonna waved him away.
She smiled at Gambit and Rogue and spoke in a Cajun accent as thick as Gambit’s, “How have you been Remy? It’s been a while.”
Gambit nodded “You’re lookin well Bella. I see you’ve got a new house.”
Belladonna nodded as she and Gambit exchanged false pleasantries “You know, you’ve taken quite a risk coming back to New Orleans Remy. Both tha Thieves an da Assassins got a price on your head. You’re lucky it was Gris who seen ya. The others would have killed you on sight, but Gris brought you here cause he knew I’d want to do you in myself.”

Rogue interrupted them, “Who is this bimbo?”
Gambit cleared his throat and fumbled for words. Before he could reply, Belladonna answered for him with a laugh “Remy does get around doesn’t he? Ah suppose he never told you that much about his past. Remy LeBeau is my husband.”
Rogue’s eyes widened in surprise and looked at Gambit who shrugged and smile sheepishly “What can I say, Gambit’s popular.”
Rogue looked at him in disbelief as Belladonna explained “You see Rogue, it is Rogue right? I take it Remy never filled you in on what happened here all them years ago. Remy an I are from different guilds that have been at war with each other fo centuries. The Guild leaders agreed that a marriage between the heirs to da Guilds would put a stop to the battles. So Remy an I were to be wed. Shortly after tha weddin, Remy an I were about to go off on our honeymoon, but we were attacked. My brother wanted to stop us, so he tried to kill Remy. Remy killed him and broke the peace pact. So they exiled him. I tried to go with him, but he was sick of everything, including me. So he left New Orleans, left me. He wanted to spare me tha thought of losing everyone I knew.”

She looked at Gambit for a moment before turning back to Rogue “Trust me Rogue. Remy might not seem like much, but he is a very complicated person. Sometime I think there is even somethin… sinister in him.”
Gambit shook his head “I still love you Bella…but we’ve both changed so much tha we can’t really be together. I am sorry.” He said looking down guiltily.
Belladonna closed her eyes and leaned back in her chair “Well, then I’m sorry to Remy. But I’m not ready to give up just yet.”
Gambit cleared his throat “Look Bella, do wha you want wit me, but let Rogue go. We’re only here cause she is looking for someone. Someone who was meetin with the Guild.”
Belladonna nodded “The shape shifter. She tried to recruit the Guild into a deal with her boss. Apparently something big is happnin. But the Guilds don’t get involved in things like that.”
Rogue looked at Belladonna with suspicion, “Where is she now?”
Belladonna smiled coyly as she sat back down “Well, this Mystique got a bit violent when we turned her down, so we locked her up downstairs.” Belladonna looked at the guards “Take em down to see her.”

Gambit and Rouge were led down to an underground prison area and locked into a dark cell. The guards threw the lights on in the cell revealing Mystique to be sitting on the bed in the cell.

Mystique jumped to her feet “Rogue! You came to get me.” She hugged Rogue, who didn’t seem too happy being hugged. Mystique then looked at Gambit “What is he?”
Rogue pushed Mystique away “He is the person that helped me find ya. Why are you even here anyway?”

Mystique turned away from her “I’m working. I was sent here by my new employer to recruit the Assassins Guild for him. And long story short, they refused and things escalated. So I broke one of their necks, and now I am sentenced to be executed.”
Gambit chuckled under his breath “Dem assassins are an odd bunch. They don’t take to it when one of their own is killed.”
Rogue shot him a dirty look before turning back to Mystique “Who are you working for now?”
Mystique shook her head “I’m sorry Rogue, but I’m afraid that I can’t tell anyone that. But if you were to join me again…”
Rogue slammed Mystique into the wall, and let her slump to the floor, “I don’t want nothing to do with ya. I am trying to make my own life now and ah can’t workin with you.”
Mystique looked at her sadly “He can help you Rogue, he can give you control of your powers.”
Gambit lit a cigarette and leaned against the cell door as Mystique and Rogue talked.
“Ah don’t want your help. It worked out real well tha last time!” Rogue spat back at Mystique as she walked over to the cell door.

Another Assassin came up to the door “Come on Remy, Belladonna wants to have words with you.” He turned to Rogue and Mystique “You two are stayin put for a bit longer.”
He opened the cell door and Gambit winked at Rogue, reassuring her as he is led out of site.

Rouge turned back to Mystique “Great! Now the one man who is showin a serious interest in me is gonna get himself killed cause he helped me by comin down here to save you! Don’t know why ah bothered. You claim to love me, but you let Magneto nearly kill me!” Rogue cried accusingly.

Mystique tried to be sympathetic as she walked towards Rogue, “I’m sorry Rogue, I have failed you. I know that now. Eric…Magneto promised that you would not be harmed. I was committed to his vision so much that I was willing to risk everything. He told me that the machine would only rob you of your powers, helping you…and bringing you back to me.”
Rogue snorted in amusement at what she thought was a lie “You would rob another Mutant of their powers. Why should ah believe ya? You was all against the cure, which would’ve done tha same thing.”
Mystique closed her eyes and turned away “I’m sorry. I was…wrong. I only wanted you to have a normal life, one where you could touch another person. I still want that. That is why you should join me Rogue. This man I am working for, he can help you control your powers.”
Rogue shook her head and clenched her fists in anger “Ah can nevah trust you! You’ve almost killed me twice! An ya actually made me kill someone. Do ya have any idea what it’s like to absorb someone’s life? Ah can feel her in ma head all tha time! She’s there, she’s always there!” Rogue shouted, fighting back tears.
Mystique nodded solemnly “I understand Rogue… I am truly sorry. I understand your hatred for me. I’ve spent my entire life harboring hatred for the world. It’s what made me what I am.”
Rogue sighed in frustration and calmed her tone “Ah don’t hate ya, an ah definitely don want to end up like you. I’m just…confused right now. Ah need time ta think it over.” Mystique heard the sound of tearing metal and turned to see Rogue ripping the cell door from the wall. Rogue turned to her and smiled, brushing her hair out of her face “We’ll worry about that later. For now, let’s get that damned fool Gambit and get the hell outta here.”

Gambit meanwhile was handcuffed to the headboard of the bed in Belladonna’s room. He was only in his pants, his shirt and trench coat had been removed and now hung draped over a chair across the room. She opened the door and came into the room with a cloak drawn around her. Gambit attempted to be charming as he said “If you’d just asked, Gambit might of gone along wit whatever you got planned. No need to break out the cuffs, yet.”
Belladonna smiled lightly and sat down at a small table with a mirror on it, “Remy, you nevah change do you? I thought I might keep you around for a little while and maybe give you another chance. Think about it Remy, together we could stop the fightin tween tha Assassins and the Thieves. An once the fightin stops, we could expand out of Louisiana, to tha rest of the world.”
Gambit started laughing, much to Belladonna’s chagrin. She looked at him crossly “And just what may I ask is so funny?”
Gambit chuckled lightly “It’s not just you Bella. You wouldn’t believe how often Gambit’s heard that speech since joining with the X-men.”
Belladonna smiled lightly and walked over to the bedside. She bent down and kissed Gambit, she stood up and began undoing her long cloak “Well, I’m willing to bet that the others didn’t look like this.” As she said this she dropped the cloak revealing that she only had a tight black corset on underneath it. She climbed on the bed and straddled Gambit and leaned down to kiss him passionately, she leaned back “Shall I continue these negotiations?”
Gambit smiled knowingly “Please Bella, proceed.”
“My pleasure.” She said huskily as she began kissing him. She reached out and felt his hand grab hers and heard a click.
“Sorry Bella, I really am.” He said as she looked up to see that Gambit had picked one of the handcuff’s locks and had cuffed her to the bedpost.

Before Bella could respond the door burst open as an unconscious guard flew into the room followed closely by Rogue and Mystique. Rogue’s eyes widened in surprise at coming across the two half naked people. Mystique smirked “I thought you said he needed saving. If anything I’d say we were interrupting something.”
Rogue clenched her fists in anger as Gambit stuttered in surprise “Rogue! Tis is not what it look like, I swear! Gambit was just about to escape’s all. I just go out of the handcuffs and and…”
Rogue walked over and punched Belladonna hard enough to knock her unconscious and onto the floor. The only thing that kept her from slamming into the wall was her handcuffed arm. Rogue then broke the handcuff off of Gambits other wrist and pulled him off of the bed “Come on.” She said through gritted teeth.
Gambit looked from her to the unconscious Belladonna “Was that necessary Chere? Gambit done nothing wrong.”
Rogue threw him his coat and shirt, which he slipped on as he continued “Besides, as you said that you didn’t care about Gambit nohow.”
Mystique rolled her eyes, “You are such an idiot, even I can see she’s jealous!” she said before shape shifting into Belladonna.
Rogue turned around quickly, grabbing mystique/Belladonna and pushing her against the wall “Am not!” she said releasing Mystique.
Gambit raised his brows at this, he looked from Mystique/Belladonna to Rogue “Well now, this is interestin…oh the possibilities…” he said with a half smile.
Rogue shook her head “Don’t even think about it swamp rat. Lets git outta here before someone comes in here to check on you two.”

Mystique/Belladonna led Rogue and Gambit through the house until they came to the main foyer, which was dutifully guarded by Gris and his men. Gris stood quickly, as did his men.
Mystique/Belladonna indicated Gambit and Rogue “Give these two their keys back and allow them to leave.”
Gris looked at her surprised “But we are bound by the creed to kill him unless he joined our Guild. An I am guessing he didn’t.”
Mystique was beginning to look agitated and walked up till she was almost touching Gris “I order you to release them now.”
Gris smiled as something occurred to him “You are agitated, Gris can feel it… you’re not Belladonna, you that shapeshifter!”
With that the Assassins rushed them. Gris pulled out a machine gun and aimed it at mystique, whom shifted back to her true form and did a spinning kick that disarmed Gris. She then kicked him trhough the front door.

Two of the Assassin’s grabbed Rogue by the arms, she smiled and raised her arms quickly, throwing them into the air. One of the assassins began to glow and shot an energy blast from his hands in Gambit’s direction. Gambit dodged and threw a charged playing card at him. The man just absorbed the blast as his whole body began to glow with energy.
Gambit smiled and laughed nervously “Come on now Fifolet, you don’t want to fight ole Remy, we known each other for years.”
Fifolet shot another energy blast at him as more assassins, armed with rapiers and machine guns rushed into the room. Gambit dodged to the side as he heard a familiar ‘BAMF’. He rolled up to see Nightcrawler appear in the air over two Assassins armed with rapiers. He kicked them from behind, sending them sprawling. The then rolled over their bodies and grabbed their swords. He then teleported to another group and began sword fighting them.

Rogue slammed three assassins into the wall, only to be blindsided by a large man. She was hit hard enough to knock her through three walls and into what appeared to be a dining hall. She steadied herself against a large table as her attacker walked through the hole in the wall. He was a large man, as big as the Juggernaut.

Rogue shook her head, “Whoa, you’re a big’n. Ain’t you ever heard it ain’t polite to hit a lady?” Rogue said as she gripped the long heavy table and swung it into the large man. It splintered against him, but he did not budge.
The man laughed and spoke in a deep voice,” Oui, mais vous n'êtes pas une femme.”
Rogue smiled “Uh sorry about that big guy, but ah don’t speak French.”
Rogue rushed towards him at top speed and hit him with a haymaker strong enough that it sent him flying through the second floor, the third floor and the roof. Rogue flew after him punching him into the air. He laughed at her and wrapped his large arms around her. He then tried to crush her, she lauhed through the minor pain “Sorry big fella, but ah am afraid that we are about even.”
The man nodded as he squeezed harder “Oui.” He then head butted Rogue and unfortunately for both of them, he made skin contact.
The blow was enough to discombobulate her and her powers knocked him unconscious. They both fell hundreds of feet through the air and crashed through the roof of the Assassins house below.

Gambit rolled again as Fifolet attacked him again, “Dis is ridiculous.” Gambit muttered as he ducked from Rogue and her enemy crashing through the air. Gambit got an idea as he watched Fifolet walk under the stair case as he charged up another blast. Gambit charged a handful of cards and threw them at the stairs. The stairwell collapsed, as did a large majority of the second floor. Fifolet was buried and Gambit and Rogue dodged the debris. Gambit got pinned and was about to be crushed when the rubble suddenly stopped around them. He looked over to see Rachel standing there. She had caught the rubble with her telekinesis and saved Gambit, Nightcrawler, Rogue and Mystique.

Rogue leapt to her feet and flew through the nearest wall letting giving them a quick exit. They rushed out seeing the van that the Assassins brought them in and Cyclops’ sports car.

Belladonna climbed through the rubble of her home and approached them as she did the large man burst through the rubble. Belladonna looked at him angrily “Do something, stop them!”
He rushed towards them howling in rage. Rogue looked at Gambit and lifted Cyclops’s car over her head as she said “Vous aimez cette voiture?” she said as she threw the car.
The car slammed into the already weakened titan, it exploded on impact, sending him flying through the air and hitting one of the remaining support columns of the house. The house began to collapse and Belladonna shrieked as a section of roof came crashing towards her. Gambit tackled her out of the way, saving her at the last minute as that section of the roof collapsed.
Belladonna rolled off of Gambit and looked at her home, or what was left of it “Father, is not goin to like dis, not one bit.”
Gambit stood and dusted himself off. He held Belladonna’s hand and spoke softly to her “Look Bella, I’m sorry bout all of dis. But we are too different, we both change to much. We can nevah be together, not really. I will always love you, but… it can never be petite.”
Belladonna closed her eyes and turned away “I know Remy, I just wanted things to be like they were. You’d better go before the Guilds find out you’re here.” With that she walked away towards the remains of her home.

Nightcrawler grabbed Rachel and teleported them away as Rogue grabbed Gambit and mystique and flew them off into the night.

They came to a stop on a hill near the outskirts of the city. Gambit looked at Rachel and Nightcrawler smiling “Took you two long enough.”
Rachel shook her head “How did you recognize us? I was using my telepathy to mask us from everyone in the city.”
Gambit shrugged “Telepathy don work on Gambit. It jus don’t.”
Gambit walked over to where Rogue and Mystique were saying good bye, leaving Rachel and Nightcrawler.
Rachel turned to him “You know Kurt, this was fun. But next time, I choose where we go on a date.”
Nightcrawler smiled as he leaned in close to her “You mean it? You’re not ashamed to be seen wiv me? Wiv da teams…fuzzy blue elv?”
Rachel smiled and kissed him passionately as she pulled away she whispered, “I love the color blue.”

Mystique stood holding her arm uncomfortably as Rogue leaned against a tree “Rogue, I am sorry. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. For everything. I only did what I thought was best.” She turend away to leave, before she did she quietly said “I love you Rogue, I always will.”
Rogue walked up behind her and whispered “Ah love you too momma.” She whispered as a tear rolled down her cheek.
Gambit walked up to them “So Mystique, where will you go now?”
Mystique answered cryptically “While I was there, I heard of an assassin that is a little…less conventional than the Guild. I’ll try and seek him out.” With that, she left.

Rogue and Gambit stood together on the hill watching as the sun began to rise.
Gambit smiled at her “It was nice hearing you speak French. Tis the language of love.”
Rogue looked up at him and smiled “It shows how I feel. Ah can’t believe I am sayin this. But Remy, I think ah love you.”
Gambit smiled and leaned in to kiss her, she stopped him and reached inside his coat and pulled out a deck of card “Why don we cut for it?” she asked with a smile.
Gambit drew a Jack of Diamonds, while Rogue drew her card, smiled and leaned in to kiss Gambit. Gambit leaned in to return the kiss, only for Rogue to stick his card between them at the last minute. She handed him the card and walked to Rachel and Nightcrawler. As she did, she turned and waved back at Gambit.
Gambit looked down at the card to see that it was the Queen of Hearts.

Gambit smiled and muttered softly “Well what do you know…” he turned and walked back to the others.
Rachel laughed lightly, “I wonder what Scott will say when he finds out you threw his car at a house?”
Rogue looked at Gambit playfully “Well, ah wasn’t the one ta steal it.”

Mystique stood at a phone, waiting as it rang. She smiled as the voice on the other end answered “To be continued in ‘NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL and X-MEN 6: RISE OF APOCALYPSE… or whatever HAWK ends up naming it.”

Gambit: Ian Somerhalder

Rogue: Vanessa Ferlito

Rachel Grey: Evan Rachel Wood

Nightcrawler: Alan Cumming

Mystique: Sharon Stone

Belladonna: January Jones

Gris: Sean Nelson (he has been in bit parts, but has a lot of potential)

Fifolet: Clifton Collins

Big French Guy (My own creation lol): Robert Maillet

Well, thanks for reading! This is a tie-in for my upcoming X-men 6. This will be followed by a Deadpool story as well. Let me know what you think below.

Here is a complete list of my Fan Fictions that I have done here on Comicbookmovie.com:

Here is my list of Stories I have written on CBM

Justice League of America Vs the Legion of Doom parts 1-3 (Never finished)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Batman3: End of Days
Batman 4 Darkside of the Mind
Batman 5: Shadow of the Bat
Shadow of the Bat: Part 1
Shadow of the Bat Part 2
Batman 6: Knightfall
Batman Knightfall Part 1
Batman Knightfall Part 2
Superman: The Man of Steel
Superman: The Last Kryptonian

Short Stories:

Lobo’s Blackest Night, or: Lobo’s Posthumous X-Mas Special
Ghosts of Yesterday (Featuring Zatanna and Question)

Batman Stranger Days

Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD




X Men 4: The X-Factor

X-Men 5: The Day of Futures Past

I have done numerous casting on this site as well, they are very enjoyable and I put a lot of thought into them.

330 X-Men Characters!
THEHAWK Casts the ENTIRE 108 Members of the Justice League
Casting the New Gods of Apokolips
Flash's Rouges
Batman's Rouges Gallery
Killer Instict
Wonder Woman's friends and foes
The Endless
The Marauders
Secret Six
X-Men 4 Cast
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