X-Men: Second & Third Class.

X-Men: Second & Third Class.

My idea on where they could go after 'First Class' and possibly for a trilogy...


Both McAvoy and Fassbender were great in the lead roles a Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr I for one would love to see them reprise their roles for a sequel. But where could they go with this new 'X-Men' franchise? I rather like the idea of this being a reboot and avoiding any connections with the 2000 film X-Men and so onwards, especially X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


Professor Xavier's X-MEN vs Magneto's BROTHERHOOD OF EVIL MUTANTS.

Introduce Senator Robert Kelly as a somewhat antagonist to both Charles and Erik. Xavier's idea to protect and get Kelly to understand that not all mutants are evil and Magneto's that he should be destroyed sway Xavier's and Erik's friendship further and further apart. Erik recruits a few mutants for his 'Brotherhood' and Charles does the same for his 'X-Men'. I feel this would be the perfect time to introduce some of the actual original X-Men, i.e Scott Summers (Cyclops), Jean Grey, Warren Worthington (Angel) and Bobby Drake (Iceman). I know we've seen them all on-screen before but I believe having the actual FIRST CLASS from the comics is rather essential having them in the movies, especially when the movies are titled 'X-Men: First Class'.

Anyway, Magneto would also recruit a few followers. Now I when I say a few, I mean A FEW. A big problem with some of the past X-Men movies is the overcrowding of mutants with a lot of them having barely any connection to the plot or story of the movie. Wouldn't it better for them to be done justice in possible later sequels then injustice just putting them in there for 5 seconds just because?

My idea for the plot is pretty straight forward. The Government upon discovering want all the mutants to register themselves and they're powers as they seemed to dangerous to the humans. This would be let by Senator Robert Kelly who would serve as the main villain in this movie. This causes a lot of mutants to choose sides and questions themselves. Magneto and his Brotherhood seek to kill Senator Kelly but the X-Men intervene resulting in many epic fights between each sides.

For Magneto's new recruits I chose Avalanche (Dominikos Petrakis), Pyro (St. John Allerdyce) and Toad (Mortimer Toynbee). Although both Pyro and Toad have appeared on screen before, I think they could both be improved on. While Avalanche hasn't been seen in any of the past movies and would be a very nice addition to the fold.

By the end of the movie Xavier and Erik are leading completely different lives to each other. But soon they would once again unite for a greater cause. Movie ends with a little cameo of Nathaniel Essex A.K.A Mister Sinister!


This movie would have Mister Sinister as the main villain. Sinister also has ties with Sebastian Shaw and The Hellfire Club which would link it back to the first movie. Anyway, various mutants start disappearing and Charles figures out it's the man known as Nathaniel Essex or as he prefers, Mister Sinister. Charles lead an attack on Sinister with his X-Men but is easily defeated. Not only do the X-Men lose their battle with Sinister, they also lose Angel to him. Knowing that Sinister is probably doing experiments on Angel, Charles comes to the conclusion that they must perform a rescue mission. But they'll need help from an old friend.

Charles approaches Erik (Magneto) asking him to help him save his fellow mutants. At first Erik refuses, but after Charles explains that they're being experimented on and tortured like he was in the concentration camp when he was a boy he agrees. The X-Men and The Brotherhood unite to take down Sinister and stop his experiments. However, when they arrive at Sinister's laboratory / lair. They meet a new evil Warren (Angel) known now only as Archangel, servant of Mister Sinister.

An epic fight ensues between the X-Men and Archangel as they try to stop him but not kill him as they believe he can still be saved. Magneto and his Brotherhood confront Sinister. They prove no match for Sinister and Magneto's Brotherhood are restrained. Just as Sinister is about to destroy Magneto the X-Men burst in and save him taking out Mister Sinister by surprise.

They all escaped as soon as possibly, just in time before the place blows up (something to do with the damaged chemicals mixing in Sinister's lab after the fight). But what about Nathaniel Essex? Did he make it out?



Aaron Johnson: Not too hard to imagine him in the role, he was rumoured for it a while back when people assumed Cyclops would be in the First Class. I'm sure he'd do great in the role, Johnson and Vaughn (First Class Director) both collaborated on Kick-Ass.

Jean Grey

Willa Holland: She not very well known which I think is a good thing. She's probably most recognisable from the old T.V Series The O.C on which she starred as Marissa's younger sister. Anyway, she's little older now and is a better actress as well.


Alex Pettyfer: This guy is a pretty big star at the moment, and is constantly being fan-casted in this role, it's easy to see why but. He looks spot on for it and has the right attitude for the character but would also give us a fresh take from what he saw in X-Men: The Last Stand.


Freddie Highmore: I haven't seen Highmore in many movies of late but at a young age he really showcased his talent in acting. Still only a teenager, Highmore is the ideal choice for Bobby Drake in more ways than one. He's got the look, the age and I would love to see how he would go playing the smart-ass Iceman, wouldn't it be cool? :P

Senator Robert Kelly

Gary Sinise: I decided to go for a bit of a younger choice for Kelly because this is back when the X-Men were just starting out, not only that but I believe I have the ideal candidate for the role. Gary Sinise, he just looks evil to me. He's a great actor and I haven't seen much of him on the big-screen but he definitely deserves to be there.


Jamie Campbell Bower: Not sure why I chose him, but he just looks like a bad-ass to me. He seems to have similar traits to Pyro, judging from his looks anyway...

Peter Facinelli: Yep. Facinelli is another actor out of the popular Twilight series just like Edi Gathegi. But seriously, Facinelli is really good actor and I believe he has the look and acting chops to pull off Avalanche.


Andy Serkis: I really shouldn't have to explain this one... Serkis is great a playing rather bizarre characters i.e Gollum, and could do a similar thing with Toad. I found Ray Parks portrayal in X-Men really weak. Serkis is really the ideal guy for the role.

Mister Sinister

Daniel Craig: Daniel Craig, really? I know, the idea of Mr. Bond as Mister Sinister is hard to imagine at first but It quickly grew on me, I'm sure he'd do the role justice. He's also collaborated with Vaughn as well on Layer Cake, the movie that got Craig the 007 role. So really, Craig owes it to him. I would however also be happy with (along with everybody else) Jason Isaacs in the role.

Well that's my take :) let me know what you think down below, constructive criticism is welcome.

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