X-Men: Sinister Truths

X-Men: Sinister Truths

The dreaded Mister Sinister is captured by the X-Men and held prisoner in a cell beneath the X-Mansion. But was this all just a clever ruse to further his own goals?

Find out in the last tie in to my upcoming X-Men: Rise of Apocalypse.

Alright, this is the last tie in to my upcoming X-Men 6: Rise of Apocalypse. It is a story focusing on Sinister and his effects on the X-Men. It also may contain the best battle scene I have written.

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And here it is, X-MEN: Sinister Truths

Beast stood in the medical ward of the X-mansion, he was silently checking the vital signs of their unknown green haired Jane Doe. The girl had been possessed by a Mutant known as Malice, and was working for Sinister. She led an attack on the Xavier Institute using her magnetic abilities, but was herself bested by Magneto. Magneto used his powers to destroy Malice, but left the girl catatonic. She had been in the bed bay ever since, with no signs of recovery. Beast looked up as an alarm began to wail, he dropped his clip board and rushed off to see what had happened.

The X-Jet soared over the campus of the Xavier Institute,

and descends into the hidden hanger. Several X-Men rush towards the jet, they are Colossus, Psylocke, Gambit and Beast. The ramp on the jet lowers and Cyclops walks down the ramp with his hand on the control of his visor as he looks behind him and Jean Grey walks out of the Jet, holding their long time enemy Mr. Sinister in a telekinetic grip, they are followed by Wolverine, who walks with his claws extended. Beast rushes towards them “I have the holding cell already set up.”
He leads the X-Men deep into the subbasement past Cerebro and the War room to a room with a large metal door with a slot in it. He typed in a code into the panel on the wall. The door slid up and Jean moved Sinister into the room which contained a metal bench and shackles that gave the chained individual enough room to move to a table and chair. Wolverine shackles Sinister to the bench and exits the cell as Beast locks it. Jean releases Sinister from the telekinetic hold. She breathes a sigh of relief and slumps against the opposite wall and slides to the floor “I’m glad that’s over. I kept worrying that he would regain consciousness and attack again.” She says with a sigh.
Cyclops nods as Beast asks “What happened?”
Cyclops looks through the small window of the cell “Sinister and a handful of his Marauders attacked Genosha while the Professor was visiting Magneto and helping him. He was after the Professor.”
Wolverine nods as he lights a cigar that Gambit gives him, “It was a hell of a fight. Storm an the others are still on Genosha trying to straighten up Magneto’s palace or whatever the hell he calls it.”
Psylocke looks at Sinister through the small slat as Cyclops moves away “Why did you only capture him and not the rest of the Marauders?”
Cyclops shakes his head “They killed themselves. Sinister probably has more clones of them somewhere. Professor Xavier hit him with a telepathic blast, but the feedback knocked him out as well.”
Psylocke nods “I can feel it, he definitely has some form of telepathic powers, but I can’t tell the strength of them.”
Jean stood up “Well, let’s just hope when we interrogate him, my powers will be stronger.”

Beast led Scott(Cyclops) and Jean to the cell “Since he woke up, all the cameras and listening devices shorted out, it’s almost as if he is projecting a sort of EMP field from his body.”
Scott nodded “What about his armor, any luck removing it?”
Beast shook his head “No. It is amazing though. The armor is made into him, its like it is interconnected with his body’s tissue. It is a part of him.” Beast let Cyclops and Jean enter the cell. Scott typed a code into a number pad inside the cell, sealing them in.
Sinister smiled as he moved from the bench to the chair at the table, Scott and Jean sat opposite of him. Sinister tried to move further, but saw that the chains limited his movements.

He looked from the shackles to Jean and Scott saying “You know, when I entertained you at my home, I didn’t chain you to a wall.”
Scott replied “You’re lucky that we didn’t do worse.”

Sinister shrugged off the threat and leaned back in his seat. He stared at Jean “So Miss Grey, are you here to glean information from my mind?”
Jean nodded as she stared him down coldly “Yeah, something like that.” She said coolly.
Sinister smiled “Go right ahead, my mind is an open book waiting to be read.”
Jean looked at Scott warily, Scott nodded and Jean closed her eyes. She projected her thoughts into Sinister’s mind. Everything was alright for a moment until Jean screamed out in pain as she clutched her head in agony.
“You son of a bitch!” Cyclops yelled as he looked at Jean in surprise and leapt across the table, punching Sinister in the face. He grabbed Jean and carried her to the door, Beast opened it and they took Jean to the med ward, sealing the cell behind them.
Sinister rubbed his jaw and laughed lightly “I said she was welcome to take a look, I never said she would like what she saw!” he called after them.

Jean slowly regained consciousness in the medical ward, she saw that she had just received a CT scan and had some sort of diodes attached to her head. Scott and Hank stood over her, both breathed a sigh of relief.
Hank wiped his hairy blue brow “I’m glad that is over, mental attacks are somewhat out of my pay grade.” Hank walked towards a machine that he used to look at her brainwaves “Not being a telepath myself, it is hard to analyze such cases, but according to my scans your mind was running the equivalent of a marathon.”
Scott gripped her hand and smiled down at her “Jean, what happened?”
She shook her head and tried to sit up, but fell back again “Ugh, I tried to read his mind, but there was so much horror, the things I saw, it was too much. Before I knew it, he had managed to travel my confusion back to my mind. He was going through my mind!” She looked at him fearfully “Scott, he is a monster. he made me relive every terrible thing those clones he made of me did, trying to kill you, the Professor and then Logan… I lived through Logan killing me. It was horrible.” She closed her eyes fighting back tears “Scott, we have to get rid of that… thing. Its inhuman, so cold, we are all just numbers and possibilities to him, future experiments. So powerful, he’s a telepath too.” She said as she slowly slipped into unconsciousness
Scott looked up to see thank Hank had injected a sedative into her “She need to calm down, her brainwaves and heart rate were off the chart. Any more stress and she could have a heart attack or a seizure. We must let her rest.” Hank said as he looked at a heart monitor.
Scott gripped Jean’s hand tightly “Hank, what is he?”
Hank looked back over his shoulder “Huh? Well, according to tissue samples I was able to get before he regained consciousness he is not human, nor is he mutant.”
Scott looked up “What?”
Hank nodded and typed something into a computer “He is an artificial mutant, a mutate if you will. The shear amount of genetic knowledge in his dna is astounding. He has mutant abilities, but they are engineered. He takes the best abilities and gives them to himself. He is making himself the pinnacle of evolution, his genes are constantly adapting, shifting…” Hank looked at a readout “amazingly brilliant.” He said quietly.

The door to Sinister’s cell opens and a young red head walks in and seals the door behind her. “Rachel Grey.” Sinister surmises as the girl stands across the table from him with her arms crossed “I see you are attempting to imitate the imposing figure of your father. But really child, if he is unable to intimidate me, what chance do you honestly have?”
Rachel appraises him coolly “I want answers.”
Sinister shrugs and motions for her to sit down across from him “I’ll give you them, not because I find you intimidating however, but because I find you fascinating.”
Rachel warily sits down “Fascinating?” she repeats questioningly. “How did you know who I am?” she asks.
He looked at her coolly “You’re not one of my little experiments. But you have the look of the Grey’s, and the scent of a Summers. You are not of this time, and my information tells me of a Summers Grey child in this timeline. So naturally I assume it to be you. Your pedigree is fascinating to me. Unfortunately your environment you grew up in leaves something to be desired, I’m afraid it has tempered your potential.”
Rachel looked at him, growing slowly angry, “Why are you so interested in us? You ruined my families lives. And now you may have prevented mine.”
Sinister smiled slowly “It must be hard, knowing that by now your parents should be happily married and fighting the good fight. They were to be on their honeymoon, when you were all at Genosha, weren’t they. They lived while the rest of the team was killed.”
Rachel looks at him in confusion and shock “How do you know that?”
Sinister laughs “My child, there is not one secret about you or your wretched family that I do not know.” He laughs “Poor thing, for all you know you have stopped your own existence. I am very interested in your family. The Summers and Grey bloodlines have such… potential.” Sinister closed his eyes and smiled as if he was imagining something blissful, “Ah, but you, you don’t have that potential. If you did, you have wasted it, or lost it, either way it is too late. Your brother however, he had potential.”
Rachel cocked her head to the side “What are you talking about? I don’t have a brother.”
Sinister opened his eyes and gave her a knowing gaze “Perhaps not in your timeline. But what about in this one?” her face darkened slightly and he chuckled “Oh my, mommy and daddy have been keeping a little secret from you? Perhaps you should have a nice family chat?”
Rachel looked at him in disgust and stormed out of the cell, ceiling it behind her.

Sinister sat in the chair with his eyes closed as the door opened yet again a short time later.
“I was wondering if you would make it to see.” Sinister said as opened his eyes to see Gambit sealing the doorway behind him.

Gambit leans against the doorsill “What’d you tell the X-Men bout’ me?”
Sinister shook his head, “Nothing Gambit. That little secret is still ours to keep. It is nice of you to check on me though.”
Gambit shuffled from foot to foot “I didn’t. I just makin sure you didn’t sell Gambit out.”
Sinister smiled and laughed “To coin one of your phrases, I won’t sell you out, you’re my ace in the hole.”
Gambit crossed his arms in defiance “I’m not breaking you out. You got in tis, now get out of it.”
Sinister shook his head with what seemed to be the tired patience of a parent explain something to a child, “Don’t act stupid Gambit, we both know you’re not. I have much greater things planned for you. I wanted you in the X-Men for another purpose, one that is coming soon. But I feel compelled to warn you.”
Gambit raised a brow “Bout what?”
Sinister rested his manacled hands on the table “Something big is coming, something that the X-men most likely won’t survive. When that time comes, my agents will offer you sanctuary, you and whoever is special to you.”
Gambit shook his head “Why are you worried about me?”
Sinister shrugged “Consider it protecting an investment.”
Gambit turns to leave as Cyclops opens the door “Scott!” Gambit said in surprise.
Scott looked at him appraisingly “What are you doing here Gambit?”
Gambit shrugged the question of easily saying “Gambit was just checkin on Sinister, ta make sure he hadn’t busted out, specially since there are no cameras workin.”
Cyclops looked at him evenly “We have guards posted down the hall, do they know you’re here?”
Gambit nodded “Logan an Bishop both saw me come. I offered to check on him for them.”

Scott nodded towards the door and Gambit left. Scott then turned his attention to Sinister “What are you after Sinister?”
Sinister shrugs “Whatever do you mean Scott?”
Cyclops slams his fist on the table “You’re telling me we simply caught you on a fluke? I don’t buy it. You’re too good for that.”
Sinister chuckled “Come now Scott. Give yourself and your crack team some credit. It is possible that I was just overconfident.”
Cyclops nodded “Possible, but not likely.”
Sinister chuckled “So, since you are here, tell me about yourself.”
Cyclops crossed his arms and looked at Sinister, his visor giving him a threatening look “Why?”
Sinister folded his palms together “Well, I’ve spent your entire life studying you, and I really don’t know that much about your personality. Except for the act that you are a natural born leader, have a commanding personality, are dedicated and loyal, and you second guess yourself.”
Cyclops was beginning to grow frustrated “I get it. You are doing this to prove that you know everything about me.”
Sinister sighed “Scott, why don’t you just come out and ask what you wanted to ask?”
Cyclops unfolded his arms and leaned across the table “Alright. Where is my brother?”
Sinister leaned back and looked thoughtful for a moment “Who?”
Cyclops slammed his fist on the table “Alex, damn it!”
Sinister’s face lit up as if he had a moment of recognition “Oh yes Alex, though he also goes by Havok when he is working. Alex is safe for the moment. I have him tucked away where he won’t be harmed. Don’t bother asking where, that in knowledge that will be revealed to you soon.”
Cyclops walks towards the door shaking his head, as he does he turns “What do you really want?”
The smile fades from Sinister’s face and his tone grows serious “Honestly?” Scott nodded “I want you. I want your DNA, you abilities. I have studied the Summers bloodline for centuries, hell, I practically created it. But your generation is the perfect culmination of its raw power. Combine it with the refined power of the Grey bloodline, and there is potential for the ultimate mutant. One who could stand against any foe. I want to protect you Scott, your family. I want to ensure that you and your brothers survive the coming apocalypse, and I can only do that if you join me.”
Scott looked at him in confusion “Brothers?”
Sinister looked surprised, but quickly recovered “What?”
Cyclops neared the table “You said my brothers, what do you mean?”
Sinister shrugged “I meant Alex, it must have been a slip of the tongue.”
Cyclops nodded slowly “I’m sure. Sorry Sinister, but I won’t join you. I won’t be a test subject for you. We will stop whatever your planning, no matter the cost.” Cyclops said as he turned and left the room.
Sinister chuckled to himself “Well, I tried.” He said quietly.

The door opened again a short time later and Sinister smiled at his visitor “Good, I’ve done all I needed; now I’m ready to leave.” As he said this the manacles opened and he stood and exited the cell “Get to your position, I don’t want the X-Men suspecting you.” He said to his hidden agent.

Wolverine and Bishop leaned against the walls outside of heavy door separating the holding cells from the rest of the compound.

Bishop was laughing lightly as he said “Alright, how about Psylocke?”
Wolverine looked at him “With or without the purple hair?”
Bishop thought for a moment “With.”
Wolverine stroked his chin for a moment. Before he could answer the heavy door behind them burst open, flying into the room and blowing them across the room.
Wolverine regains his feet to see Sinister he the doorway. Wolverine extends his claws and rushes towards Sinister. Sinister smiles as he blasts Wolverine with a telekinetic blast “Down boy.” He says as Wolverine is driven through several walls until he crashes into the Cerebro chamber.

Bishop unslings his rifle from his shoulder and opens fire. Sinister absorbs the energy blasts effortlessly, he then makes a sweeping motion and the broken door flies through the air and slams Bishop into the wall, knocking him unconscious. Sinister then makes his way down the corridor, further into the X-Men’s base.

Psylocke was on monitor duty when she felt a strange mental presence, she slammed a button on a console, initiating a blaring alarm. She then spoke into a microphone “Sinister is loose! Repeat Sinister is loose!” She jumped from the room and rushed down the hall to find him.

Scott sat by Jean in the med ward as Beast came in just as the alarms began to wail. Cyclops leapt to his feet “Sinister! Hank, stay here with Jean, I’ve got to help the others.” Cyclops said as he rushed out of the room.

Sinister entered what appeared to be a ready room, filled with uniforms and equipment. Sinister heard a shout from his left, he turned and saw the large metallic form of Colossus. Colossus charged towards him at top speed. Sinister dropped to his knee as Colossus was on him, about to ram him into the wall, instead Sinister planted his hands into the larger metallic man’s chest and threw Colossus behind him. Colossus’s weight and momentum caused him to crash through a set of lockers and a wall. Sinister turned to finish him off when he is taken by surprise and stabbed in the back by one of Psylocke’s psi-blades. She swept a devastating kick towards his jaw, which caused him to stumble forward as she jumped on his shoulders and wrapped her legs round his throat, trying to strangle him. Sinister reached back and grabbed a handful of her hair. He ripped it and threw her forward, slamming her into the ground. Sinister attempted to stomp her throat, but she rolled out of the way, leg sweeping him to the ground. She leapt to her feet as he leaned up, slightly dazed. Psylocke screamed in anger as she jumped into the air and windmill kicked Sinister in the face. Sinister allowed the blow to connect, but caught her foot at the last second. He slammed her to the ground, climbed to his feet and swung her into a stack of lockers. Before he could do anything else, Colossus rammed into him from behind.

Colossus tackled Sinister to the ground and they rolled across the floor. Sinister rolled over onto his back, only to have Colossus pounce on his midsection, knocking the air out of him. Sinister chuckled lightly as the little red jewel embedded in his head began to glow.

Colossus looked at it surprised as a beam of energy shot from it, directly into Colossus’s head, snapping it back. Colossus was dazed long enough for Sinister to free his hands, he cupped them together and a powerful energy blast shot from them. The blast blew Colossus through the ceiling and up several floors into the X-Mansion dormitories, surprising a small group of students.

Sinister stood slowly as several glowing playing cards exploded near him. Sinister turned to see Gambit charging him with a bo staff. He lashed out at Sinister with the staff. Sinister grabbed the staff and jerked it up and to the side, catching Gambit upside the temple. Gambit dropped to the ground, looking up to see a boot slamming into his face, knocking him unconscious. Sinister turned only to have a psi-blade stabbed into his chest, he laughed as he gripped Psylocke’s wrist tightly. He twisted it until it broke, breaking Psylocke’s concentration. She screamed in pain as the psi-blades extending from her hands disappeared. Sinister grabbed her throat and threw her to the ground. He then blasted her with energy from his fist.
“Stay down!” he shouted, growing angry.
“She can now, because we’re here.” He heard a voice say from behind him. He turned to see Cyclops and Rachel behind him. Cyclops fired off a powerful energy blast, catching Sinister in the midsection. Sinister was slammed into the wall by the force of the blast, as Rachel telekinetically pinned him to the wall. Cyclops pressed the attack until Sinister cried out in pain as the blast tore through him. Cyclops stopped as Sinister slumped to the ground, a large smoking hole in him.
Rachel released her telekinetic grip on Sinister as she and Cyclops moved towards him. Suddenly the wound closed up as if it had never been there and Sinister’s eyes snapped open. Before either could react, Sinister released both a telekinetic blast and an energy blast from each hand, slamming both of them into the far wall. Sinister stood to his feet and walked through the door past the two unconscious combatants. Before he could continue he heard a shout and a loud roaring noise like a jet engine. Sinister turned and saw the form of Samuel Guthrie aka Cannonball come blasting from the hole where he through Colossus.

Beast knelt near Jean as he heard a blast as the large metal door exploded into the room, followed by the unconscious form of Cannonball. Beast looked up as Sinister walked through the smoke into the room smiled sinisterly enough to earn his name. Beast roared as he leapt across the room, only to caught in the chest by a sidekick from Sinister “I’m beginning to grow tired of this. I don’t consider myself to be a violent person.”
He crossed the room, and pass the unconscious Jean to the comatose green haired girl. The armor on Sinister’s arm dissolved to reveal a strange necklace with a face like emblem on it. Sinister put it to the girl’s throat and it began to glow. The necklace wrapped itself tightly around the throat and the girl’s eyes snapped open. Sinister smiled “Good to have you back, Malice. How are you feeling?”
Malice sat up slowly and looked around angrily “Pissed. I want to kill something.” She looked around until her eyes settled on Jean “What about her? She looks like she’d shred easily, I’d like to test out these magnetic powers on something… soft.” She said licking her lips.
Sinister grabbed her shoulder “Later. Now, its time to go.” Sinister said as light engulfed them.
Cyclops rushed into the room to see Sinister and Malice disappear in a flash of light.

The X-Men sat around a table in the War Room, the ones able to stand that is. Many of them were bandaged and bruised.
Cyclops looked over them “All of this was staged so he could reclaim the Jane Doe that his Marauder known as Malice possessed when she and Sabretooth invaded the Mansion. We still don’t know who the girl really was.”
Cannonball held an icepack on his head “So the whole battle thing on Genosha was just for this.”
Cyclops nodded “That’s right Sam. He tore us apart like we were nothing. He could have teleported away at any time, but waited until he had the girl.”
Jean shook her head “He could have taken her any time before this, why wait until now?”
Cyclops shook his head “I don’t know Jean.” He turned to the rest of the X-Men “Alright, I want the rest of you to rest up, we need to be ready for whatever Sinister throws at us. Dismissed.”
The X-Men began to file out, save for Rachel, who stopped Scott and Jean. They looked at each other for a moment before Rachel says “I think we need to talk.”
Jean looked from Scott to Rachel “About what Rachel?”
Rachel sighed “Well, everything. For starters, about why things are so… different in this timeline. Or how about how you never told me I had a brother?”

Sinister stood in his lab analyzing data about Malice when a large shadow was cast over him “My lord.” Sinister said without turning around.
A deep voice spoke from behind him “Sinister, are your preparations complete?”
Sinister smiled “Of course, Malice was the last piece needed. Soon your armies will be complete.”
The voice laughed a deep dark laugh “Good, good. Soon the world will face the wrath of Apocalypse!”

To be continued in X-Men 6: Rise of Apocalypse

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