X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga DTDVD

X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga DTDVD

My ideal cast for an ACCURATE adaptation of the classic X-Men storyline "The Dark Phoenix Saga".

According to most conversation here, DC always trumps Marvel in the direct-to-DVD animation market in terms of quality. While some of Marvel's animated features are fine, I think they could do a whole lot better. A while back, I came up with an idea for a potential salesbuster Marvel animated feature, but never found a proper outlet to share it with. I figured, eh, this will do. The movie would be an adaptation of the legendary X-Men storyline "The Dark Phoenix Saga", by Chris Claremont and John Byrne.

Unlike most of the previous animated features, this would be a real treat for a few reasons:
1. It would be a period piece, taking place in the exact years the story was published (1979-80).
2. It would be straight-on accurate to the original story.
3. It would be done in the signature art style of (drum roll please).....the DC Animated Universe!!!

I feel that this would be something different and exciting for most Marvel fans, young and old alike.

In addition to the aforementioned features, for once a Marvel animated film would have a (somewhat) big-name cast (like what DC has managed to pull in recent years for their films). Here are the voice cast members, each my own idea:

The Good Guys

*For the first three, I thought hey, if DC managed to get Tim Daly, Kevin Conroy and Susan Eisenberg to reprise their roles, why not get three original cast members of the 1992 X-Men cartoon. I consider them the definitive voices.

Professor X-Cedric Smith

Wolverine-Cal Dodd

Beast-George Buza

Now for some newbies

Cyclops-Noah Wylie

I've seen this guy only in those "Librarian" movies, and I thought he could bring a lot of emotion to Cyke, who is pretty emotional throughout the story (hey, he has the love of his life on the line!)

Jean Grey-Mira Sorvino

Her role as Daisy Buchanan in that TV movie version of The Great Gatsby is what inspired this choice, as she really could bring so much of that tragic figure to, well, the tragic star of the story.

Storm-Gina Torres

She's been doing a lot of DC for some time, so this would be her first Marvel role. I really like her acting as well, and she'd make a good Storm.

Nightcrawler-Liam O'Brien

I liked the way he did Kurt in the dearly-departed Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon series.

Colossus-Michael Adamthwaite

He did a pretty good take on the guy in X-Men: Evolution.

Angel-Justin Bruening

If this guy's going to be Steve Trevor on the new Wonder Woman show, then why not let him do a Marvel bit to balance it out?

Kitty Pryde-Miranda Cosgrove

I'm surprised she never got cast in a CBM, animated or not. She'd make a great Kitty Pryde.

Dazzler-Mandy Moore

I just thought, a singing actress is perfect for Dazzler. In fact, in a scene where she first comes onstage, she'd be singing Donna Summer's "Last Dance", as sort of a foreshadowing. Also, no one's ever heard her speak jive.

Now, on to the bad guys!

Emma Frost-Lauren Cohan

If you've been watching the current season of Chuck, then you'll know why I picked her.

Sebastian Shaw-Jon Hamm

The heck with Superman, this guy is a perfect Shaw. Mad Men proves it.

Harry Leland-Christopher Lloyd

He can bring some good elder statesmen aura to this role.

Donald Pierce-Tim Curry

I hate to typecast, but he's just too good not to play this role.

Mastermind-Tim Roth

His role on "Lie To Me" is what inspired this pick.

And finally, the alien characters

Lilandra-Sigourney Weaver

I just thought, the woman who fought aliens playing an alien! Oh, the irony! But seriously, she'd bring some compassion to Lilandra in this story.

Gladiator-Kevin Sorbo

Believe it or not, it wasn't his role as Hercules or any other tough guy that inspired this pick!

And finally, Kelsey Grammer as Uatu the Watcher

He has a really good voice for the Watcher, in my opinion.

And to close, the additional voices:
-Richard Doyle as Senator Robert Kelley, Supreme Intelligence, and Lilandra's advisor
-Corey Burton as Dr. John Grey, Smasher, and the Recorder
-Pat Musick as Elaine Grey and Hussar
-Diedrich Bader as Hellfire Club Guard and Skrull Representative
-Carlos Alazraqui as Banshee and HC Guard
-Tara Platt as HC maid and Manta
-Quinton Flynn as Havok, Silver Surfer, and Starbolt
-Grey DeLisle as Polaris, the Skrull Empress, and Oracle
-Susan Blakeslee as Moira McTaggert
-Dee Bradley Baker as Multiple Man, Kree Representative and Earthquake
-Josh Keaton as Spider-Man
-Beau Weaver as Mr. Fantastic
-Gregg Berger as the Thing
-Tom Kane as Dr. Strange and Mentor
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