X-Men: The First Class Fan-Cast

X-Men: The First Class Fan-Cast

X-Men: The First Class Fan-Cast

Since an X-Men: The First Class is being worked on, I thought I'd give this whole "Fan-Cast" thing a try.

This Fan-Cast has probably already been done, but this is my first attempt. Let me know what you think...but please, be gentle.

I went with a younger group and with the original 5 X-Men, though I am not aware if this is the direction they are going with the film.

First off, I think most of us will agree that Patrick Stewart embodies everything that is Professor X, so let's keep him around.

Next, I think that Magneto can stick around as the main villain as well, but since we are going back a few years, I'd try someone new. I really like Ian McKellen, but just to mix things up...If you've ever seen The Tudors, Nuck Dunning plays Anne Bolyn's father and is a very convincing actor. He has the "bad guy" image down. I give you Nick Dunning as Magneto:

I always thought that James Marsden did an ok job as Scott Summers/Cyclops, but he just didn't do it for me. I felt that the actor should be taller and leaner and I feel this person can get the job done. Here is Chace Crawford ad Cyclops:

Famke Jannsen did a great job as Jean Grey and, with the script she was given, the Phoenix. Again, going with someone younger, I had a hard time deciding between two actresses, so...here is Amy Adams and Isla Fisher as Jean Grey:

For Iceman, I wanted to go with someone younger than even the rest of this cast. This young man is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. He's a bit rough around the edges, but hey, he's young! I present Alexander Ludwig as Iceman:

For Beast, I tried to think of someone who was strong and "built" but not a roid freak. In the film Twilight (yes, I actually watched it and yes I did hate it) he was one of about 3 actors I was impressed by. He has an "animal" look about him as well. I give you Kellen Lutz as Beast:

And for Angel, I feel that Ben Foster did a good job, again, given the script. He is a very talented actor but I thought I'd throw out another option. Again, he's one of the few in the film Twilight that was tolerable to watch. I give you Cam Gigandet as Angel:

There you have it! It's my first and hopefully not my last. Tell me what you like and don't like. Who would you suggest for the parts?
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