Young Justice movie fan cast and ideas

Young Justice movie fan cast and ideas

Since Chuck ended and The Office is in its last season, I've been trying to find a new favorite show, Young justice has become that new favorite. I think it's a really great show, it's really surprised me. When I watched the first episode I was like "Oh great another show about how Batman rules all only instead it's Robin now..." But they've done a wonderful job with giving all the characters a good amount of screen time and developing them really well! (Though season two is having a little trouble dividing the time with SO MANY characters!) I know the chances of ever having a Young Justice movie are very slim but if they did I'd have it come out after JLA, probably very late 2015 or 2016, but have it be filmed two or two and a half years prior what happened with Red Dawn, I'll explain why in the cast (Haven't seen the movie, but I heard it got bad reviews)
Any who...

I the movie should start off a lot like the show did. All the heroes fighting crime together with their sidekicks! Batman and Robin vs. Joker and Penguin. Flash and KF vs. Cpt. Cold (or Cpt. Boomerang, whom ever you prefer) Green Arrow and Speedy vs. Sportsmaster and Cheshire (Here we would see a sliver of tease at Speedy and Cheshire's future relationship) Aquaman, Aqualad, and Garth vs. Sea pirates (I choose the sea pirates to connect DC to this world and to show Aqualad as also being more separate from some of the other Leaguers fighting super villains) and we watch Martian Manhunter fly to Earth with stow-away M'genn in the back. We finally see Artemis doing some very sloppy crime fighting of her own at a CVS being robbed. And then the whole thing at the JLA HQ happens where Speedy quits, the sidekicks find Super Boy, team is formed we meet Miss Martian etc. Batman and Green Arrow show up at Artemis and her mom's apartment (Probably on the balcony, they might get stares going in the elevator...) Batman and GA talk with Paula Crock about her daughters recent activity, mentioning her father (They would just say "Her Father" or "Lawrence Crock" no reveal of Arty's family ties yet) We'd go back to the cave to see the newly formed team interacting when Roy (Formally Speedy) shows up now called Arsenal. (His costume would be similar to the one in the show, but with more gadgets and even a gun) right after Arsenal's arrival; Batman, GA, and Artemis arrive as well. Leading to the whole scene that conspired in the actual episode (You could probably find the episode on YouTube or ITunes) Arsenal brings info that Scarecrow and The Rogues are robbing a major bank in Central City. The team go and stop them. More crimes are popping up with unrelated criminals working together, each time the villians are warned about the team's arrival. The team starts to tease that maybe there's a mole, Sportsmaster mentions it as he, and Cheshire, Gorilla Grodd, Icicle Jr. and Sr. battle the team. We see Icicle Jr. manipulating Artemis a bit (A tease that they had a history, a reference to the comics in which I think they were married and had a child) And Artemis seems reluctant to fight Sportsmaster or Cheshire. Cheshire showing some restraint from hurting the Artemis and instead focusing more on taunting. Sportsmaster on the other hand shows little to know restraint, attempting to even shove a member out of the broken window in the building that the villians had raided. The team comes back from the mission pointing fingers left and right. Some say Superboy because we don't know if Cadmus programmed to be mole and even he doesn't know it. Others say Miss M because not even Martian Manhunter knew her for that long before she came to Earth, and then they suspect Artemis because no one knows who she is outside the cave. Robin, knowing her family's history but also knowing that if Batman trusts her then he should to tries to defuse the rumors that her, or any of them are a mole. He reminds them Sportsmaster IS a villian and could be trying to start a fight within the team. The team reluctantly drops the subject and goes home. We see the home life of all our sidekicks, including a rather lonely Arsenal .The next day we see KF wake up and jog down the stairs where his parents have the news on. The weather is being reported when Iris West interrupts bring breaking news that giant plant creatures are attacking all the major cities. KF and his parents look at each other for a moment. Flash zooms in. "Ready Kid?" He says. KF's mom tells him to be careful before he too rushes out the door to follow Flash. And so the plot of the episode "Revelations" is played out, (minus the Dr. Fate helmet, that is saved for the sequel) with the Injustice League (Scarecrow, Joker, Penguin, The Rogues, Gorilla Grodd, and Sinestro, with Bane, Icicle Jr./Sr., Sportsmaster and Cheshire on the ground acting as the muscle) the team defeats the Injustice League with some awesome battles between KF and Artemis vs. The Rogues (This would be important to KF and Artemis because their constant bickering is put on hold to defeat the bad guys, with a few puns thrown in) Miss M and Superyboy vs. Bane and Scarecrow (Miss M gets gassed with Fear toxican, Superboy is left to fight the two villains on his own, he finally get the Superman victory he's wanted) even Arsenal shows up to help, he takes on Sportsmaster and Cheshire. And Robin takes out Joker and Penguin. KF vs. Icicle Jr. which is sort of a funny little Easter egg I guess you'd call it if you watch the show and know about Icicle Jr. and Artemis' comic book history. The team wins the battle. Teaser at the end of Count Vertigo, Riddler, Hugo Strange, and Klarion talking to the faceless voices of The Light.

Whew, that was longer than intended, as you can see it's a bit different from the show, but I tried to keep the feel of it. The movie's song/theme/whatever you'd like to call it could be something by Imagine Dragons or Fun (Radioactive, It's Time, Some Nights, or We are YOUNG maybe?).

Matthew Vaughn as the director. It's not like it would be his first time directing a superhero film, right?

Colin Ford as Robin/Dick Grayson. Everyone wants Logan Lerman, but he's a little old now for Robin, he's 20 now. But Colin is around 15, I believe he'd be a perfect Robin & he's a good little actor! Robin would have all his "whelmed" "traught" and "aster" lines from the show and it would be teased about his inner conflicts about what it means to be "The Batman".

Jake Abel as Kid Flash/Wally West. He looks younger than he is & Wally doesn't have to be kid, also Jake Abel is a good actor & he can play that Wally sorta personality, just make him a mix of Luke from Percy Jackson & maybe a HINT of Mark from I am number 4 when he's being a jerk to Artemis.

Michael B. Jordan as Aqualad/Keldur'Ahm. I've only seen him in Chronicle and CSI (Or something like that) when my mom was flipping through channels. But he's a good enough actor to play Keldur's calm, cool, and collected character and to lead the team.

Liam Hemsworth as Superboy/Connor Kent. If you want to go with the more angrier Connor, who feels resentment towards Superman for in a way abandoning him, rejecting him as a son, the Liam is your man. His role in Hunger Games showed he could play an angrier bitter character.


Matthew David Lewis as Superboy/Connor Kent. Yes, Neville Longbottem as Superman's clone. Apparently I like casting Australians and Britts as superheroes, these certainly won't be the last we see here. But anyway, I think he's really grown as an actor. I think he could bring a lot of emotion and heroism to Connor. A little less bitterness, but a little more heroism.

Emma Watson as Miss Martian/M'Genn M'Orzz. I said "Meh" and shrugged when I first saw this choice, and I have NO clue why! It's an amazing choice! Her role in Harry Potter is just one example of awesome acting skills. In the clips a saw of Perks of Being a Wall Flower she pulled off a pretty good American accent, and she should some M'Genn qualities. Plus she already knows Matthew so that can never hurt knowing your co-stars.

Garrett Hedland as Arsenal/Roy Harper Jr. I choose to call him Arsenal because it makes ZERO since for him to be called RED ARROW if he wants to distance himself from GREEN ARROW. So he's Arsenal! Anyway, I think Garrett would do great as Roy, he's a little old but Roy is the oldest of the sidekicks... well besides Miss M who's 48 in Martian years... But this is Earth years so whatever. I always pictured GA and Roy having a more big brother and little brother relationship than father/son.

Anne Kendrick as Artemis Crock. I'm going to get a lot of "Huh?"s for this pick too. She's grown a lot as an actress since Twilight. I always thought she should be in some sort of CBM but I couldn't find a role I thought she'd fit, until I saw Pitch Perfect as odd as that sounds. Her character in that movie was a lot like Artemis. She was untrusting, opinionated, kind of a loner. I think she'd be awesome in the role,plus Jennifer Lawrence couldn't do it because of Hunger Games and X-Men.

Henry Cavil as Superman/Clark Kent. I know they're saying that MOS may not be tire to JLA, but I'm 85-95% sure it will be so I'm just going to keep him...

Alex O'Loughin as Batman/Bruce Wayne. I have to thank DDD for this one, he suggested it sense my other Batman was in his 50's, which I didn't know by the way, I'v only seen him play a seriel killer on CSI or somthing similar on youtube, which I didn't care for but very helpful as to what kind of character he can play.

Zachery Levi as Flash/Barry Allen. As I muntioned I'm a HUGE Chuck fan (RIP) and I think Zachery would rock as the nerdy, laid back, average Jo of the JLA and I think he and Jake would make a good team together.

Dennis Haysbert as Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'ones. Surprise! Martians are here to offer us good car insurance! Anyway, MM wouldn't have a huge role that would be physically demanding, because I know some people worry about his age, he has the voice and the gentalness for J'onn.

Ryan Gosling as Green Arrow/Oliver Queen. I'm probably going to get hate for this because people on here think he's to "Pretty" but I don't care. He looks like Ollie and almost every movie he's in he plays a smooth talking rich guy... Like Ollie.

Yvonne Strahaski as Black Canery/Dinah Lance. Oh come on look at the picture & tell me she doesn't look like her? She already basically played her in Chuck, & she's very talented as an actress anyway.

Kevin Mcidd as Aquaman/Authur Curry. He's an awesome actor & has the right feel for Aquaman, & he played Poseidan so I think that makes him worthy of playing Aquaman......

Jamie Alexander as Wonder Woman/Dianna Prince. Yes she played Sif in Thor but that's what made me pick her (Since my mom isn't an actress!) . She'd just make a cameo when the Leaguers are fighting the plant things.

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan. Same as WW, he'd be seen fighting the plants and taking out Sinestro when the League shows up to take away the Injustice League.

Mark Stong as Thaal Sinestro. Out of the whole GL movie, Mark Strong was the best part. Mark Strong really kept with the character. Sinestro's goal is to save the universe through fear, so he's still a villain, just not the worst one out there. And come on Mark was pretty awesome in the movie.

James Mcvoy as Riddler/Edward Nigama. This guy is a very talented actor. He looks like the scheming methodical type & he work an American accent.

James Franco as the Joker. The Joker featured in YJ is a little different from the one in YJ. I think James could pull off the one in the show.

Timothy Spall as Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot. Timothy Spall playing a creepy, slimmy character? How unheard of! In all seriousness I don't think a lengthy explanation is neccisary. Just watch movies Harry Potter 3-7.

Michael C. Hall as Scarecrow/Dr. Johnathan Crane. Weird choice, I know, but Michael C. Hall can play a creepy character. And Scarecrow is a creepy character. I think he would bring an all new scaryness to the character.

Javier Bardum as Bane. People seem to really like this pick, & I see why. He'd be awesome in the role, I'd keep Tom Hardy but since I'm changing Batman I have to change Bane. But I think he'd be great.

John Slattery as Captain Cold/Leonard Snart. I saw this pick a few days ago on this: ( Flash fan cast, I thought it was awesome, and I have no one else to cast so thank you @DumbledoreCalrissian!

Alan Tudky as Trickster/James Jesse. I picked him after seeing him in A Knight's Tale with the late Heath Ledger (RIP) Funny movie, funny guy. Alan actually voices Psimon and Green Arrow IN Young Justice.

Rufus Sewell as Mirror Master/Evan McCulloch. Another actor from A Knight's Tale. I was also inspired to cast him as Mirror Master after seeing him in that movie. I'm only including these Rogues because putting all of them is just too many.

Henry Ian Cusick as Lex Luthor. If you watch The Mentalist then you'll recognize this guy as playing the psychopath business man Tommy Volkar, he enjoys watching people suffer and toying with people. He can turn from charming innocent businessman to a villian when no one is looking, a lot like Lex Luthor.

Liev Schreiber as Sportmaster/Lawerence Crock. He's great at playing villains, ie. Sabertooth in X-Men Origins. I think he could pull of a cocky it's-all-about-the-job assassin for the League of Shadows, and he kind of resembles Anne Kendrick...Kind of...

Camilla Belle as Cheshire/Jade Nguyen. I'm not sure why Jade's last name isn't Crock like the rest of her family, maybe it's because she doesn't like her father and wantered her mother's maiden name? Anyway, I know Camilla isn't half Vietnamese, but Ben Kingsly isn't Chinease and Hollywood made RDJ African American. I've seen her fan casted as Elektra and Elektra and Cheshire are very similar, and is about the same age as Garrett Hudlend.

Tom Felton as Icicle Junior/Cameron Mahkent. Well it appears I like Harry Potter a lot... It wouldn't be a huge role in the film. Mostly there to manipulate Artemis. He'd play a jerk daddy's boy like he does in every movie he's in.

Jude Law as Count Werner Vertigo. Everyone casts Paul Bettany as Vertigo, and I'm tired of seeing him cast so I went a different route. Both great actors so I had to go with which one I like better.

Dane Dehaan as Klarion. Klarion isn't a complicated character, he's spoiled, whiny, and likes watchin people suffer almost as much as The Joker. Dane could tackle the task of Klarion easily (Is that compliment?) Yes he's going to play Harry Osborne in TASM but Chris Evans played to chacaters from the same COMPANY.

Paula Malcomson as Paula Crock. Actually, I didn't even NOTICE they had the same name until I was about to post this and realized I forgot Artemis' mom! She played Katnis' mom in The Hunger Games. I guess she just likes her girls to become Archers... I know she isn't Vietnamese but as I said with Cheshire, Hollywood is known for their tricks, Katnis' mom and Paula Crock are not so different characters, both have an absence of a husband and both are emotionally scarred. And I don't know of any Vietnamese actresses in their mid 40's.....

John Hurt as Alfred Pennyworth. It's pretty hard to replace Michael Caine, he did a wonderful job as Alfred, but since I replaced all the other Bat-characters, I have to replace him... I'v only seen John in Harry Potter as Ollivander, but he did great & I honestly can't think of anyone else.

Jenna Ficsher as Iris Allen. Yep, Pam Halpert as Iris Allen. Playing Pam on The Office is what made me pick her. Flash & Iris are very down to Earth people & I think she'd be very good in the role.

Elle Fanning as Barabra Gordon. She would make a cameo as Barabra when we see the heroes during down time. She and Robin would be just friends hanging out. She wouldn't know anything about him being a superhero but she would mention how she wishes to help people like Batman and Robin do.

Amy Adams as Lois Lane. She's playing her in Man of Steel & sense I have Henry Cavil I'll keep her. She would be one of the civilians seen during the plant attack.

Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordon. Gary Oldman IS Jim Gordan, but as I said for Alfred, I have to replace him. Bryan looks A LOT like Jim & he has the acting skills for it. He would also be seen during the plant creature attack and also calling Barabra to come home.

Voices of the light that we hear but never see:
Ralph Fiennese
Henry Ian Cusick
Lynn Collins
James Franco
Mark Strong

*Awesome art work at the very top of the fan cast is from here:*

Whew, that was a lot more work to do than I expected...
Tell me what you think! And be nice please! I'll put up the sequel cast at some point this week (hopefully) Tell me if you don't like a pick and tell me yours!
May God Bless you & your MARVELous day! (If I had a word that went with DC Comics I'd use that, but sadly I don't)
--S. A. T.
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