Young Justice or Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes?

Young Justice or Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes?

Young Justice Vs. Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, who will win?

Young Justice Vs. Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

I have noticed that there is a lot of debate on which show is better. I admire the loyalty that folks have to their favorite heroes or company (DC, MARVEL). I’m one of the lucky ones, I guess. I like superheroes first and foremost. There are aspects from both factions that I love and hate, but I don’t think it’s right to completely boycott one for the other.
Personally I would HATE to make a choice like that. I’ve read post bashing people for liking something that others don’t, that will never change, but I’ve also read where people make comparisons without checking out the competition. That just ain’t smart. No one can make an intelligent argument without knowing something about opposition. So with that said here is my argument for which show is better. 5 examples each should be sufficient. I’ll try to keep it short.

1. ART. A lot of folks say that the artwork in AEMH is terrible. I disagree. It is campy and exaggerated a bit but there is something you may not realize. It’s a cartoon. They can’t all be the same style. YJ is more realistic with a slight manga edge. In my opinion, the art looks like the SUPERMAN/BATMAN Apocalypse movie, which is based on Michael Turner’s beautiful work. So the point goes to YJ in this one.

2. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. This one is hard. The writers for both shows are fantastic. I really like how they show personalities forming in the AEMH. Iron Man is arrogant, Thor isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, Wasp is just happy to be there, Pym has issues with the whole hero thing, which makes for great confrontations, Hawkeye is hot headed and wants to be more, Panther is mysterious, Hulk is the x-factor, and Cap is exactly what he is, a man out of time (WHEW). They are coming in to their own with every episode. Now some of the dialogue is silly at times but the smart “assedness” of Iron Man is always there. Wasp is a little to goofy I admit, but Cap talks like he’s from the 40’s. When Cap tells Iron Man “Could the projectionist make it brighter?” while watching footage of Black Panther is a perfect example, it’s forced but this show is targeted for a much younger audience.
YJ is coming along nicely. Robin knows when to step back and let a better leader step up.He’s proving that the team comes before his ego. Superboy is a grouch, but that’s all he knows. He was created to be a weapon. No time for fun and games. Miss Martian is the rookie who makes rookie mistakes, that’s obvious, but she doesn’t give up. Aqualad is going to be hard to write in every episode but it’ working. So the point goes to AEMH. (This might change after a few more episodes of YJ air)

3. GUEST STARS AND CAMEOS. This one is even harder. Both shows are not holding back. Even obscure characters make it on the screen. AEMH has The U Foes, A Sentry, The Mandrill, Whirlwind (A mutant?!?), Living Laser, Grey Gargoyle, Chemistro, for crying out loud. Oh did I mention The Mandrill. I like the fact that Wolverine made an appearance in the WW2 segment. WOW. YJ dropped the big boys on us from the start. Superman and Batman with main storyline roles even. Wonder Woman appearance was great, but having Cap Atom, 2 Green Lanterns, Shazam, and Black Canary is a lot to absorb at once and knowing YJ has over 100 characters to appear in this season is mind bottling.(joke). This one barely goes to YJ.

4. STORIES. Both shows are getting us ready for the future excursions on a major scale. AEMH has already set the ground work for a KREE/SKRULL war, as well as establishing many possible side stories. They still haven’t caught very many escapees and Loki is waiting in the wings. YJ hasn’t really set too much up besides the Superman/ Superboy relationship, albeit they are still a young series.(okay enough jokes). Point to AEMH due to more episodes aired.

5. FIGHTS!!! Again both shows are showing some great battle scenes. We are seeing us some major Hulk power. Graviton shouting that he is the strongest there is and the Hulk lands and smiles and says “Are you sure about that?”. Don’t care who you are, that gave me goose bumps on my nether regions. I do admit Graviton talked too much, bragging over and over but the display of power on both sides was impressive. Thor really stepped up. The last minute saves will never get old in my opinion. YJ has some serious damage going on during their fights as well. The Blockbuster fight was a slobberknocker from way back. Kid Flash taking a second to glance at the leftover skin stuck to his hand from blockbuster’s face and saying “I got your nose!” was hilarious. The Amazo fight showed skill and intelligence in the team coming together already. So this point is a draw.

Score AEMH=2, YJ=2 and 1 tie. The end result is that both shows are great and we should be happy just to have them. There are many more example and points to compare but this is my personal opinion, some may not agree and that’s okay,you’ve been wrong before and will again.(joke)

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy them both but they don’t hold a candle to the greatest animated series ever. Ren and Stimpy!!! (last joke, I promise).No, Justice League Unlimited. Let’s hope they both surpass JLU’s greatness.
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