What if you we're given an opportunity to make a comic book movie of your choice? Think of this as a game, RULES ARE APPLIED HERE!

I wanna play a not the murderous type of game..THAT'S TUESDAY =] But seriously let's make an article worth to go on and post comments on. So here's the game.

CONGRATS! A MAJOR MOVIE STUDIO HAS GIVEN YOU THE OPTION TO PRODUCE A COMIC BOOK/SUPERHERO MOVIE! You are given 175 million dollars which includes marketing as well. You are given the option to direct or produce or whichever you choose. You can choose the director, the actors, writers, or any form or cast & crew to be apart of the movie. BUT IT CAN NOT BE YOUR FAVORITE HERO. Here is an example.

My favorite hero is Batman, but I end up making The Flash. It can not be your favorite hero at all because it would be too easy. So like I said I want The Flash.

Director- Brad Bird

Flash/Barry Allen- Tie between Ryan Gosling and Chris Pine

Writers- Brad Bird, Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci, Adrian Kevin Walker (ENTOURAGE LMAO)

Again this is YOUR movie. Meaning this is how you would handle production, this is who you would choose. There is no wrong or right answer here just basically what your ideas would be. Again IT CAN NOT BE YOUR FAVORITE SUPERHERO. This for fun, you can argue or debate up to you if you want too but it's not intended to be like that in this article.

So have fun! Like to see what people would do with certain characters. Again you are the producer. It is your job to make sure you make a quality superhero/comic book movie. Just stick to the rules applied. Also I know the budget really isn't that big of a deal but it's meant to be like the scope of your project, where you can take it and where it can go. Also you can give a synopsis of the movie, give plot details, character traits, act as if you are pitching to Hollywood your idea with a feasible (pretty much 175 million nowadays isn't all that big budget as it was back then) budget.

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