Artist's Renderings Of The New FANTASTIC FOUR Costumes

Artist's Renderings Of The New FANTASTIC FOUR Costumes

Artist's Renderings Of The New FANTASTIC FOUR Costumes

These are NOT official concept designs from Josh Trank's upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, but Nerdist claims to have some exclusive details on what the new superhero outfits will look like, and they had their artist whip up some sketches. Click on to take a look...


While we anxiously await our first official look at anything from Fox's Fantastic Four reboot, we do have some interesting descriptions of what the costumes donned by (most of) the team might look like when the movie hits theatres later this year. have received some detailed descriptions of the outfits, and had their sketch artist come up with some drawings of Mr. Fantastic (Miles Teller), The Human Torch (Michael B. Jordan) and The Thing (Jamie Bell). Unfortunately they weren't able to get a look at the clobber worn by Invisible Woman (Kate Mara). Apparently these will be the more practical suits created by Reed Richards to control the team's unstable abilities, but towards the end of the movie they are expected to sport more classic costumes.

As you can see, Ben Grimm's gear consists of your pretty standard superhero underwear, but his final rock-like form is said to look more like the sketch below than that leaked set image from last year. Reed's costume includes springs so his limbs will snap back into shape if he loses control of his stretchiness, and Johnny Storm's got himself some vents to relieve some of the heat that'll be generated when he "flames on".

The Thing

Mr. Fantastic

Johnny Storm

The vid is autoplay so we didn't embed it here, but you can click on the link below to watch it. What do you think?
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