AVENGERS Director Joss Whedon Rumored To Have Met With Marvel About FANTASTIC FOUR

AVENGERS Director Joss Whedon Rumored To Have Met With Marvel About FANTASTIC FOUR

Take this one with a big grain of salt, but a new rumor doing the rounds online claims that Avengers director Joss Whedon met with Marvel about developing the studio's planned Fantastic Four reboot...

Marvel Studios still hasn't given us any indication that they've begun to actively develop a reboot for the Fantastic Four, but a new rumor may suggest that Kevin Feige and co. have now set the wheels in motion.

On his YouTube show, John Campea said he'd heard that Joss Whedon met with Marvel Studios about bringing Marvel's First Family into The MCU. He stresses this may simply have been a casual conversation or a brainstorming session, but there is also a possibility that Whedon is lining up the project to direct.

Whedon was said to have had a falling out of sorts with the studio after Age of Ultron, which by his own admission wasn't a particularly pleasant experience for the filmmaker. However, both parties now seem to have put whatever differences they may have had behind them, so it's certainly possible that Feige is again looking to his one-time go-to guy for inspiration. That said, the source is... a little shaky!

Campea has been an online presence for many years and is sure to have amassed some solid sources, but he has been known to spout nonsense in the past, so it's probably best not to put too much stock in this until we hear more.

Another recent rumor claimed that John Krasinski has also met with Marvel about an upcoming project, which obviously led to speculation that he might be in line to play Reed Richards. The Quiet Place director did cheekily reference "playing a superhero" in a YouTube video, which has since rather ludicrously been reported as having something to do with this (the video was posted the day before the rumor hit).

At any rate, what do you guys make of this? Wou;d you like to see Whedon return to The MCU to direct a FF movie? Drop us a comment in the usual place.

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