DEBUNKED: Matthew Vaughn Directed FANTASTIC FOUR Reshoots; Josh Trank Responds

DEBUNKED: Matthew Vaughn Directed FANTASTIC FOUR Reshoots; Josh Trank Responds

<font color=red>DEBUNKED:</font> Matthew Vaughn Directed FANTASTIC FOUR Reshoots; <font color=red>Josh Trank Responds</font>

We all know just how troubled production on Fantastic Four has been, especially as Josh Trank's behaviour led to him reportedly being "fired" from the Star Wars spinoff he was attached to! Now, it's been revealed that Matthew Vaughn stepped in to direct those reshoots...

Matthew Vaughn saved the X-Men franchise, so could the Fantastic Four one be next? It certainly sounds that way, as Superhero News (definitely a reliable source) have heard that the Kingsman: The Secret Service helmer assumed the role of director for reshoots which took place in April. It was previously reported that Trank was present for those, but this obviously sheds some doubt on that. If Trank doesn't end up promoting the movie come junket time, that will more than likely tell us all we need to know about how limited his involvement in the Fantastic Four reboot has become.

Interestingly, the site also has news on why the movie is no longer being promoted for a 3D release. Apparently, Fox "axed the 3D release in favor of utilizing that budget for additional reshoots to help improve the story." The more we hear about Fantastic Four, the messier the whole thing sounds, but similar behind the scenes issues didn't stop World War Z from finding success in 2013. As of right now, we're just going to have to wait and see. Does Vaughn's possible involvement restore your faith in the movie? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts below!

UPDATE: Fantastic Four director Josh Trank has responded to this article on Twitter to make it clear that he is indeed the sole director of the reboot. As mentioned above, that matches up to what we previously heard about reshoots. Many thanks to Josh for taking the time to set things straight! 


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