My thoughts on how it would be possible to bring together these iconic heroes onto the silver screen without worrying about continuity issues nor character rights. Hit the jump to check it out...

Hello fellow CBM fans. New guy, been here for a while and I've noticed no one has thought of this idea. Even though I'll admit I'm a sucker and a fanboy for DC, Marvel has done the impossible and have done an AMAZING job with their movies especially the casts, directors, Whedon, and Feige and crew. I hope it wakes DC/WB up but this article isn't about that. I would like to welcome your opinions on this idea and I will ask, do YOU think it could work? Or is just stupid?

I have had this idea that kinda stems from science-fiction and comic book history lore. In fact, it might just be a total copy of what has been done before. Here's a rhetorical question: ever heard of parallel/alternative universes? Or maybe this might ring a bell, the multiverse? And I'm not talking about dimensions (I have total different view between dimensions and universes, but I digress). And the correct quantum mechanical definition of parallel universes is "universes that are separated from each other by a single quantum event."

A parallel universe is pretty much a hypothetical self-contained separate reality coexisting with one's own. This is how I view what separates the MCU, X-Men/FF universe, and the Spiderman universe in a fictional way other than them being different studios. How can you bring them together into one movie, you ask?

Avengers Phase 3 and The Mad Titan himself....Thanos. This guy is being held back for a reason and it's a good one too. Thanos is the key into bringing these characters together in the silver screen. He's the one that will disrupt that single quantum event and bring these different universes together. Him and his forces will cause havoc on the multiverse and even cause time distortions (hmm sounds like a good gateway into the MCU). Even without the Infinity Gauntlet, isn't Thanos capable of movement between alternative universes because of his transportation chair? Isn't he a genius and capable of several amazing feats? We've seen the Infinity Gauntlet in Odin's treasure room and we've seen Thanos in Avengers. With all six Infinity Gems, to form the Infinity Gauntlet, he has the mastery over six basic aspects of existence: Time, Space, Power, Mind, Reality, and the Soul. There's no reason he would be a threat to the multi-verse and all of their heroes in it. Now I won't explain how the characters will end up in the MCU because that's the writers job, but I will throw out that if you could, then it will be the Marvel Universe movie every fan has been waiting for. With FF rumored to come out in 2015, Amazing Spiderman getting sequels, and Days of Future Past expanding the X-Men universe, we can see these characters by the time the Avengers Phase 3 movie rolls out. You don't have to worry about continuity issues nor rights because by the end you can just return the characters back to their respective universes and so Fox and Sony can still make money and continue their stories. No need to continue making films like this because frankly I'm fine if it was even a one time thing. The important thing would be that I was there to witness history.

The main problem would be the diplomatic and business side to this. This is where the magic happens and I believe that with all these characters, you are really going to break numbers for sure and maybe that could be enough to have a 3-way split, I don't know personally. Also writing over 20 or more characters who could all be protagonists is a very hard job compared to just 6 characters but hey Whedon has done it before (Toy Story and Avengers) and this could be a new different challenge for him. But with this idea, it could work fictionally in order to bring these characters together.

It would be the perfect time to get this done because frankly, the actors we have now aren't getting much younger nor having more reboots will help either. In my opinion, rebooting X-Men, FF (a third one if the 2015 movie comes out), and Spiderman just to get them into the MCU is not a good enough reason to reboot. Reboots are made to either reintroduce characters that have been forgotten after a long time or if the original material DOESN'T work. As far as I know the past two X-Men films have been well received and they are still going strong especially after their two worst outings. The director of their first well received movies is coming back and the movie seems to be in a good track for now. Spiderman seems to be OKAY with people but some still suggest it didn't need a reboot. I'm sorry fans but we can't just start all over again especially after the countless of reboots that Hollywood is producing. I suggest to keep going with what you have and improve from there. Having a third reboot of Spidey and FF just to get into the MCU is not going to bond well with people. Imagine having Jackman, RDJ, Evans, Ruffalo, Garfield, and Hemsworth together fighting side by side against Thanos and his forces? Or even the X-Men (poor Cyclops though), Spiderman, Fantastic Four, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and finally the Avengers coming together in one screen and fighting as the heroes of Earth? Put aside your emotions on the X-Men, FF, and even Spidey and be glad with what you have and don't take it for granted because this may be the only time we see them. I'm not saying don't critique CBM movies but don't bash something just because it's not what you expected or want. There will be DIFFERENT takes on characters and that's fine because it keeps them from being stagnant. We are in the Golden Age of CBM's and I'm proud for every single one of them regardless even if they are good or bad. Don't take them for granted.

Let me know what you think below and feel free to provide any constructive criticism as I will very well take that into consideration. Q'pla and Jolan tru!
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