EDITORIAL: Should Wolverine Become a Member of The Fantastic Four in The Film Reboot?

EDITORIAL: Should Wolverine Become a Member of The Fantastic Four in The Film Reboot?

The Fantastic Four film reboot is on the rise and many rumors and concerns have been strongly hit by fans. For this film to be successful I have an idea about placing another familiar character within the franchise, read on fans.

Hello everyone, as known right now Fox is desperately struggling to get the Fantastic Four reboot off the ground. It seems a rumored plot description has come out which has upset many fans. Not only that but the casting of much younger actors as they also want to try to get a sense of appeal towards another generation. It's just a mess right now. With the last two Fantastic Four films considered a comic book failure, we have to wonder who's fault is it really. Is the Fantastic Four just becoming too much of an old fashioned concept people don't care about anymore? Are characters like Reed Richards and The Invisible Woman just a product of their times when they first graced the comic book world, did writers have trouble adapting these characters for the modern times? There are many questions you could ask regarding the matter. It doesn't excuse the matter of where to look directly at.

Let's look at the original the Fantastic Four concept in mind. Terrible cosmic radiation accident happens and five people get superpowers. One of them vows to use their powers for evil and tyranny while the other four vow to use their powers in the name of good and protecting the Earth, while also being extremely famous. Does this sound like an entirely good concept you to? Where is the punch in it and where is the real drama that takes place in the middle. Which is why the 2005 Fantastic Four film was flawed, there is no real meaty portions to divulge from the middle so they had to create their own unique representation to try and fit the film. Then after the typical plot line of them being famous and learning to use their powers while many hi-jinks ensues they come at clash ends with Dr.Doom then that's it. Then in Rise of The Silver Surfer cosmic beings like aliens suddenly exist in the universe without any rhyme or reason. Yes the Fantastic Four's own powers were cosmic related but it didn't take mention of cosmic being within the universe in the first film. So basically we all know the story of The Silver Surfer and him being the herald of...Galactus Cloud? Then Dr.Doom is back in the story yet again, yay? Well that sure ended those films. Now it's the reboot which fans are worrying and I see why.

I believe successfully bring in a concept like Fantastic Four which has had a previous failure towards the audience needs a recognizable character. As we currently speak right now Fox is trying to figure out those answers. Which is why I would strongly suggest for them to slightly start over but not by to much. Josh Trank would be a perfect director for this film, well even though he didn't really direct all of Chronicle and most of it was done by the actors. I could see potential in Trank to make this a great film, if it was in found footage style which I wouldn't mind at all. What I am really trying to suggest is for them to replace one of the Fantastic Four with another character that is more well known. Hence the title of the article. I would say Spider-Man since he was a member of the Fantastic Four a few times but unfortunately Sony has the rights. Which is where I suggest, Wolverine.

Wolverine was a member of a short lived team called The New Fantastic Four during the 90s which consisted of not only him but Spider-Man, Hulk, and Ghost Rider. Also on top of that Fox has the rights to Wolverine. They have made him a well known comic book character in film already with there amazing efforts. Recently he held his own once again in The Wolverine and with the success of that film a sequel is underway. One question many fans have in mind, is there such thing as too much Wolverine? Well non sense there is no such thing but maybe in portions. He was a popular character way before the first X-Men film. Everyone loves this character and he is well known. Which is what I believe the Fantastic Four needs. I know some fans would be upset at such a decision but lets face it, last two films sunk and failed. Add Wolverine and you have your character power that would drive the audiences and general audiences to actually see and want the film. Fans could argue nearly every single X-Men revolved around him, but it's important to know he was never the main character.

If they were to add in Wolverine on the team what characters would they keep? Importantly you would still need Reed Richards as the team leader and the main scientific mind of the group, without him there wouldn't be a Fantastic Four. Yes you would need Sue Storm on the team who represents the kind and gentle heart. Then you would need Johnny Storm the wisecracker and funny guy who also does have interesting dynamics with Sue Storm. Ben Grimm better known as The Thing on the other hand. He is the main strong guy or brute of the team better known for his phrase, "It's Clobberin' Time!". He often comes at wits end with Johnny Storm as they constantly make fun of each other. He is a great character and he was one of the best parts of the previous Fantastic Four films played by Michael Chiklis. Although all of that he would be the one I would choose for Wolverine to replace. They do both have similar qualities but one just outweighs the other which I will explain.

How would Wolverine exactly work on the team? Another concern would be is that if does it need to directly be in canon with the X-Men films to work or can it fit within within separate universe. That would depend on the exact timeline the film would be placed in. Even though "X-Men Origins Wolverine" was supposed to be technically placed in canon with the other X-Men films, it is not anymore due to the timeline shifts. So there is a film with Wolverine which has been placed in it's own universe if you look at it in that stand point. Meaning the Fantastic Four wouldn't exactly need to start in their universe but rather branch off from a specific verse similar to that. Then the issue of how mutation and how cosmic derived mutation could both coexist in the same relevant pattern. How are the Fantastic Four living the life of celebrity stardom and the rest of the people in the world with similar powers are just living down under? That is a theme it could take notice of within the film.

A theme about life in general. A struggle between the "rich and the poor" type message meaning the rest of them on the other end. How has humanity not come in terms with understanding them. Many of those messages could be conveyed through Wolverine being apart of the team. Then there you have it, the intense dramatic element it needs to keep it's momentum going. You could still make it true to the spirit of Fantastic Four, all it needs is just another later added on to it. This would be the layer it needs to hold it together. As interesting as The Thing was his issues were more self focused towards himself and his appearance on how he could never be normal again. If you add the Wolverine element there is no longer a self focus but now a multi focus since Wolverine is in fact an actual mutant and he was never really normal. Then the element of other mutants out there like him who are feared by humanity as I mentioned while people such as Reed Richards are not. It doesn't need to have that drama which was presented in the X-Men films but a layer of it to add on the story itself. For the story to be more self reflective or aware of times at hand and not just anything else.

The family and friendship dynamic between the Fantastic Four was fun but I think it's time to put a stray of those themes aside and drive more into serious territory. Not exactly darker grounds as nearly every single comic book film is trying in these days but more so a mixed element. It doesn't need to have facts based on realism or origins based on realism. The true realism it only needs is the world they are in and the people that are within the world. The Fantastic Four still needs to be fantastic.

Well that about ends this editorial. I am 100% serious towards my thoughts and opinions on this. What would you think of this idea if it was going to happen? Would you agree on the fact of adding the strong issue of humanity would hold the story together? Voice out your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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