EDITORIAL: The Human Torch Fantastic Four Controversy

EDITORIAL: The Human Torch Fantastic Four Controversy

Well I believe everyone knows what this is about, the time has come for me to say my real thoughts on the Human Torch stuff that's been happening.

I know I am probably going to get lots of heat regarding this article, but please just read on for what I have to say before you comment or just go ahead and comment telling me how wrong I am over this. Also in advance this is not in my usual style of writing.

Yes I know many changes regarding race has been made through comic book films, and many that have been accepted over time. Although I will have to say there is a reason being for most of them and why sometimes it makes sense. I will also have to speak out on why racism shouldn't always be regarded in most of these matters.

The 2003 film Daredevil where we were introduced to an "African-American" version of The Kingpin played by Michael Clarke Duncan. The Kingpin did have a role before in the TV movie The Trial of The Incredible of Hulk but that was long ago enough not many people noticed. Now in the 2003 version of Daredevil it's the first time Kingpin has ever been portrayed in an actual feature film. Yes the fans may know and recognize the Kingpin's appearance regarding the comic books but most of the general audience who would go see the movie would not. 2013 Man of Steel witnessed a change where Perry White was being played by Laurence Fishburne. Yes the fans may have truly recognized the change but to most of the general audience no. Perry White has served a minor role within the Superman films as such not directly as a main character. Idris Elba as Heimdall in Thor. The first appearance of Heimdall in a Marvel film. Yes yet again the fans recognize the change. Although this is Heimdall's first appearance in a Marvel film medium meaning the rest of the general audience hasn't had a chance to be introduced to the character.

This is where I am talking about The Human Torch/Johnny Storm now. He has already been introduced in two feature films with the last movie recently in 2007 portrayed by Chris Evans. He is already a recognizable main character and lead. Not only that but in cartoons and the upcoming video game Lego Marvel Super Heroes for example. The question is, why suddenly change the appearance of a main character that is already recognizable to the main general audience. He is about a common name as Spider-Man can be. Which leads me to another point which is about the film The Amazing Spider-Man. With the Spider-Man reboot Sony had the opportunity to change Spider-Man's appearance as he was recently as Miles Morales in the new comic book series. They didn't make the leap to change for the film. Why, because the image of Peter Parker is still seen as Spider-Man through many people. I think everyone can definitely agree on that.

Maybe an "African-American" Human Torch would work in the future of a film medium and I don't believe now is the time. This has nothing to do that involves race as much as how the general audience already sees and knows the character now. In the end this is going to end up confusing a lot of people. Although I do know Michael B. Jordon is a great actor. I will say also regarding all the casting rumors/shortlist I have read I am not a fan of any of them. What I want the Fantastic Four to be is the older and wiser team. The seasoned superheroes that have faced battle and grief. I am not really with the idea of making a team like Fantastic Four younger. I don't know much about the director because I haven't seen Chronicles yet but from what I have heard it was good. There's always room for a director like Josh Trank to majorly improve directorial skills with going into a franchise as big as this can be. My next worry is Fox Studios which everyone seems to be forgetting they have a very thin record of getting things right regarding Marvel Comics properties so I won't get my hopes up yet for that but I'll still be on the lookout for this.

So thank you for reading and as always leave some kind of comment below.
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