FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot To Begin Shooting This March?

FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot To Begin Shooting This March?

After a couple of false starts and a sudden surge in casting rumors, is the reboot finally gearing up to start shooting? The clock is ticking and Marvel Studios is certainly checking their watch.

Fantastic Four Fox Reboot cast

According to, Fox's Fantastic Four reboot will begin filming in Baton Rouge this March. Originally, the film was scheduled to begin shooting this past June in Vancouver. Recently, the film had its release date pushed back to June 19th, 2015 from its original release of March 6, 2015. There's quite a bit of speculation that the push was to accommodate Michael B. Jordan's filming schedule. It's said that he's director Josh Trank's only choice for the Johnny Storm aka Human Torch. Miles Teller is said to be the frontrunner for Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic. There have been quite a few young actresses said to be in the mix for Susan Storm aka Invisible Woman. One role that's had very little chatter is that of Ben Grimm aka The Thing. There hasn't been a single name associated with the role.

Given the age group of the actors being rumored for the roles in Trank's film, expect the reboot to take it's cues from the Ultimate Comics version of the FF. That makes sense actually as the series kicked off under the pen of Mark Millar (and Brian Michael Bendis) who was recently hired as a Creative Consultant at 20th Century Fox.

Matthew Vaughn is also serving as a producer on the film. Trank has worked on the script along with Zack Stentz (Thor), Ashley Miller (X-Men: First Class), Jeremy Slater, Seth Grahame-Smith ( Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and T.S. Nowlin. The latest draft was written by Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past). It's been reported that Kinberg made significant overhauls to the previous iterations of the script.

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