FANTASTIC FOUR Rumors Officially Denied

FANTASTIC FOUR Rumors Officially Denied

Sorry to burst some bubbles (or perhaps not to some) but Bleeding Cool has officially redacted their Fantastic Four scoop from last Friday and the project is moving forward. Hit the jump for more.

Yes, despite multiple sources denying Bleeding Cool's latest scoop, Bleeding Cool themselves have officially redacted the report. However, they state that there rumors were ONCE true and they were even approached by Fox last week, but now the plan is to continue ahead with what they already have. Here is what Bleeding Cool had to say on the matter:

So Bleeding Cool ran a story on Friday, that Fox had been speaking to prominent movie directors and screenwriters, asking them if they’d be willing to take over the currently-in-pre-production Fantastic Four for a new shoot in six months. Which would mean new script, new director and recasting.

Our sources were impeccable. By which we mean those who had actually been approached by Fox for this gig.

We ran the story and there was a pretty much immediate spinback from Fox via Screen Crush. Massive denial. Covered by all sorts of folks.

We are in no doubt that Fox are going ahead with their current production plans with Fantastic Four.

Right now. But, last week we were also in no doubt that they’d been looking to junk it all. And these aren’t mutually exclusive notions.

It’s quite possible that no one they approached said yes. Bleeding Cool knows, directly, of two big names who said no.

It should be noted that Fox approached two "big names" to take over the film. Who could those two be? What are your thoughts on this? Are you glad the project is moving forward with its current cast and crew, or are you hoping the project will be dumped in the near future? Sound off below!

Until next time, try to stay classy my friends.

Fantastic Four is set to hit theaters in 2015 while staring Miles Teller, Kata Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and Jaime Bell and will be directed by Josh Trank and written by Simon Kinberg
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