Hey, Remember That Debunked FANTASTIC FOUR Synopsis? It Might Be Legit

Hey, Remember That Debunked FANTASTIC FOUR Synopsis? It Might Be Legit

20th Century Fox has been asking websites to remove a purported synopsis about their upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Same synopsis that director Josh Trank "debunked" just a few weeks ago.

Hey, remember that silly Fantastic Four synopsis that first appeared on Acting Auditions? You know, the same one that Josh Trank "debunked" a little over a week ago on Twitter:

20th Century Fox has sent out a stream of "cease and desist" letters to websites that had posted it. That would imply that the purported synopsis isn't quite as fictitious as Trank made it seem. That synopsis in question can still be found online (click here).

Den of Geek has responded to Fox's letter:
In spite of Josh Trank debunking the Fantastic Four reboot synopsis we ran in the story as false, we've now had a letter from lawyers acting for Fox, saying that "It has come to our attention that you have posted a purported plot details from the Fox Property on your website", adding that "These purported plot details provide important qualitative details about character, plot, setting and mood, thereby violating Fox's rights in the copyrights to the screenplay of the Fox Property".

Well: if they're not true, then Fox has no legal jurisdiction over them. So what we originally thought to be false now appears to be partly confirmed at least, as a result of well-paid lawyers demanding their removal.

This would be yet another Josh Trank denial that doesn't hold water. The director has made it a habit, tweeting denials to various Fantastic Four rumors that later turned out to be true. A few examples: the Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller casting rumors. It was reported that Michael B. Jordan was in the running for Human Torch/Johnny Storm, which Trank denied, but since then various trades have confirmed Jordan's involvement and view him as a lock for the part. Then there was the Miles Teller rumor claiming that the actor had auditioned for Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards. Trank swiftly tweeted a denial to that, but since then reliable news sites have stated that Teller is very much in the mix for the part.

Which brings us to Josh Gad ("Frozen"). Recently, Movies.com claimed that Gad was Fox's number one choice for the part of The Thing/Ben Grimm. Trank and Gad were quick to issue denials, but Movies.com stood by their story. So, factor in all of Trank's false denials, and I now have to believe that Gad actually is the top contender to be the Fantastic Four's orange, rock-covered superhero. It's clobberin' time? Ugh!
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