Ideal FANTASTIC FOUR reboot??

Ideal FANTASTIC FOUR reboot??

With the reboot of Marvel's First Family coming sooner or later. Here are my ideas for the FF reboot & the sequels!

I'm pretty sure that most of us by now have seen Marvel's The Avengers(great movie by the way!) Based on the success of The Avengers, you can be sure to see even more CBM soon. Some new ones might be in development, and others that have been "in development" for awhile. The new FF reboot has been in development for awhile(since '09) by FOX. We all remember the FF movies in 2005 & 2007, and they weren't well received to say the least. Ever since it's been announced that FOX will reboot the FF, we've heard only little bits & pieces of news every now & then. The latest, is that Josh Trank MAY develop the FF reboot. Here are some ideas for the next FF movie:

1.They should EXPLORE:
The FF have saved the world(many times!) but what they're known for is being adventurers. Have them explore the Microverse, Subterranea, The Negative Zone, and etc. Have them explore the unknown, have them learn to work together as a team & fight for their lives to get out of these strange places, and then near the end-have them protect the city/world. That would show that they're superheroes...and explorers.

2.Save Dr. Doom for the sequel:
Doom is not only the FF's arch-foe but he's a heavyweight in the Marvel Universe. Doom has fought heroes like the FF, X-Men, Spider-Man, and even The Punisher. I think FOX should take a note from Batman Begins & The Dark Knight(which it seems they're doing that) and save Dr. Doom for the sequel. In the sequel, make him more like his comic counterpart, and have him launch the Baxter Building into space.

3.Base it on the Stan Lee, Jack Kirby/John Byrne/Jonathan Hickman runs on the FF:
Those runs had great stories and moments in the FF. The film should be inspired by those great runs of the FF.

4.Importantly-A GREAT cast & DIRECTOR that gets it!:
Got to have the right people to bring the Fantastic Four to life. Especially a director! I liked Chronicle, good movie, not sure if Trank can handle a big movie like this but who knows.Obviously a great script is needed. Maybe Ashley Edward Miller & Zack Stentz(Thor, X-Men: FC) should write it. They even said they would be interested in writing a FF movie.

Those are some of my ideas to make a good FF. Now here is how the series should go:

1st movie: Tell the FF origins in the opening credits.Should take place not too long after they've acquired their powers. Reed discovers the Negative Zone, and encounters Annihilus. The FF have to fight for their lives to get out. Near the end, the FF have to stop our world from merging with the Negative Zone....or the Annihilation Wave from destroying our world(but that's similar to The Avengers).

2nd movie: the FFs first encounter with Dr. Doom. This movie gets to know Doom's character & his history with Reed. Also, Launch the Baxter Building into space.

3rd movie: Earth is caught in between a war with the Kree & the Skrulls( are the Kree & the Skrull like Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch, in which FOX AND Marvel can use them??)

Make a Silver Surfer spin-off, and explore his origin THEN a 4th FF movie would deal with the Silver Surfer & Galactus(No cloud).

Those are my ideas for the FF movie series. Ultimately, it would be best if Marvel Studios did all this because I still feel that FOX is only doing a reboot is to get money(and there is money to be had with this comic book movies). I just hope they finally get it right this time.

Tell me your thoughts on a FF movie!
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