Ioan Gruffudd Disappointed That He Won't Make Another Fantastic Four

Ioan Gruffudd Disappointed That He Won't Make Another <i>Fantastic Four</I>

The actor is promoting his new show, Ringer and expresses disappointment that he won't be able to play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic again.

AX: Speaking of FANTASTIC FOUR, do you have any feelings about the reported reboot with a new cast?

GRUFFUDD: I had an amazing time doing those two films. Naturally, I feel a slight disappointment that I won’t be stepping into the shoes of Mr. Fantastic again, although there has been nothing official. Again, I think it is a rumor, but it feels true because we [Gruffudd and the other main cast] haven’t heard anything. I guess it makes sense of the studio to reboot it, because I guess you have a lot of longevity out of that franchise that they own.

AX: At least you probably won’t have to deal with that much Spandex in RINGER or other projects in the future?

GRUFFUDD: [laughs] I’ll tell you what, the Spandex was made a lot more comfortable by the fact that I had this incredible muscle suit that I was wearing underneath. I looked like the sculpture of David. Me in the Spandex without the muscle suit isn’t the most attractive thing in the world.

Fantastic Four films were nothing but a big steaming pile of fluff. They weren't terrible films, but they had zero oomph. Jessic Alba for as much as I think she is beautiful, I equally think she is terrible at acting. Outside of her, I surprisingly loved the cast.

The real problem of the two films begins and ends with the director Tim Story. I'm not sure what FOX saw in the director of Barbershop that had them so confident that he could helm a big comic book movie.

As for Ioan, I think he was actually the best part of the cast. I feel badly that he was so misused in the films. Just thinking about that dance scene he had at his bachelor party makes me cringe. If Ioan was given a better director, who knew better then to add corny scenes, like a dalmatian that covering it's eyes, then Ioan would still be Reed Richards today.

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