Miles Teller? Michael B Jordan? No thanks. Tired of the FF being crapped on? Hit the jump to see an alternative take on the cast, Marvel Studios style...

It's no secret the Josh Trank Fantastic Four cast is pretty much universally hated by everyone except industry suck ups. We're all hoping that MARVEL STUDIOS gets the rights back to its first family so justice can one day hopefully be done to The World's Greatest Comic Magazine.

But in the mean time, in an alternate reality, here is my cast for a new Fantastic Four film, please chime in with your thoughts below about who you'd cast and if you like it.

Billy Crudup as Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic

Billy Crudup can play older and smart, somewhat quiet and a natural leader. Has a gentle/meek yet strong quality about him.

Charlize Theron as Sue Storm/Richards/Invisible Woman

Charlize Theron can play smart and strong, lead character if necessary, has a mature gravitas about her.

Ryan Kwanten as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch

Ryan Kwanten can play brash, young, and cocky character with sense of humor, ladies man type, but also likeable, has a youthfulness about him.

Mark Wahlberg as Ben Grimm/The Thing

I'll be damned if Mark Wahlberg hasn't been playing the part of Ben Grimm all his life: he's a former gang member from the streets who's become world famous, he's made a career out of playing "tough guy with a heart of gold" types, plus he is handsome and physically attractive which of course adds to the tragedy of Ben Grimm/The Thing, and you know he could do the accent/voice.

Mads Mikkelsen as Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom

Or Jason Isaacs (my first choice for Sinestro if Mark Strong never plays him again) as Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom

Or Stephen Moyer as Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom

ANY of the guys I listed as Dr Doom -

They all have a "sinister"ness about them, and that "you're not from around here, are ya, boy?" look about them that the ruler of Latveria should have. Also very commanding, charismatic, sexy, leading man qualities, Mads Mikkelsen, Jason Isaacs, and Stephen Moyer ALL steal the scenes in whatever project they're in.

Your turn, guys. I know MARVEL STUDIOS could make it happen and make it epic...and yes, I know we're only getting more than two Marvel character based movies this year because studios other than Marvel have rights to their characters, but I would rather have two quality Marvel films a year than a bunch of crappy ones, I'm patient, I'd rather wait a while to get a good movie than accept a bunch of crap because it's immediate.

Oh, and I'd have Michael Giacchino (Super 8) do the soundtrack (and I loved John Ottman's scores for the first two films, one of the highlights of the films for me, the awesome opening title sequence to the first film should have been left in the theatrical cut instead of being cut out (available in the extended edition for those curious)).

What do you think, guys? Who would you cast?

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