My Early Review on Fantastic Four Greatest Heroes

My Early Review on Fantastic Four Greatest Heroes

This cartoon is coming to us on Nickelodeon this Friday. What some of you don't know is that this series was shown on cartoon network before, and I've seen all the the episodes...

They have all of the fantastic four villains and some alliance. The show has a good story to it. They don't show how the hero got there powers it start of that every one knows them and they already have there powers i don't know if they show silver surfer or galactics in the show


1) The fantastic 4 don't know who is Dr. Doom until they get capture by him. there's one episode that reed and Dr. Doom switch body and reed finds out who is Dr.doom but they don't show dooms face. only reed knows who is doom.

2) Hulk and Thing have a battle the episode starts off weird but its a good fight to see.

3) When the fantastic four fight the skrulls they in outer space which i think its cool they were captured by them and taken to space.

4) The fantastic four team up with she-hulk to take down man hole and they also show she-hulk human form.

5) Dr. Doom has a partner and a lot of robots. His partner is a woman.

6) Namar first appears as a villain first in the show.

7) The fantastic four get control by the blind girl father who gets power by touching a rock.

There are more spoilers, but I think this are the important ones.
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