Top 5 Things I Want To See In The FF Reboot !

Top 5 Things I Want To See In The FF Reboot !

Or at least in any FF movie.

Remember Rise Of The Silver Surfer? Yeah,that piece of crap movie?Its been 7 years since "that" happened,and now were getting a reboot!And hopefully its true or else those rights get reverted back to marvel! Well its going to be along time for that reboot but anyways here's what I want to see in the FF Reboot!

5.)The New Marvel NOW! Suits!

These suits are very similar to the Future Foundation suits but just with a 4 in 'em

4.)The Skrulls!

The Skrulls are a bunch of shape-shifting aliens that first appeared in the pages of the Fantastic Four. A while back, in 2008 Marvel had a crossover event where the Skrulls tried to take over Earth, by posing as the Marvel Heroes, they didn't suceed.


Just cause... 'nuff said


Spider-man is Johnny's best friend,and is also a member of the Future Foundation! I know what your thinking,"Spider-man in FF? WTF" but woudn't it be cool if you saw johnny storm and a mask-less Andrew Garfield playing Xbox in the middle of the movie? or spidey helping out the FF, like in the comics?

1.) Negative Zone/ Annihilus

The Negative Zone is basically a jail for superhuman villains, used by the FF and other Marvel Heroes, but what they don't know is that the Negative Zone is inhabited by strange creatures, and ruled by Annihilus.

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