Twitter Reactions From Early FANTASTIC FOUR Screening; MAJOR SPOILER Revealed

Twitter Reactions From Early FANTASTIC FOUR Screening; <font color=red>MAJOR SPOILER</font> Revealed

A handful of reactions from an early screening of Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot have surfaced, and the verdict might just surprise you! Meanwhile, one fan has dropped a pretty major spoiler about the movie which might just end up restoring your faith in the divisive release...

Since before the cameras even started rolling, the majority of fans have been a) convinced that Fantastic Four would be terrible, and b) hoping it would fail to the rights revert to Marvel Studios (though seeing as Fox held onto the rights for eight years after Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, why they think that would happen is hard to say...Fox might just try yet another reboot). 

Based on the reactions from a recent early screening of the reboot, it appears as if all the doubters have been proved wrong, as people seem to love it. It's worth bearing in mind that these may only be as positive as this because they were happy to be treated to seeing Fantastic Four early and getting free popcorn and a drink, but they genuinely appear to really like it! UK cinema chain Cineworld are also screening the movie tomorrow, so we'll no doubt hear more about it then too. 

As you can see, one user has revealed that the team do indeed get their classic blue costumes at some point in the movie. This isn't a major surprise due to the fact that those involved with the project have indicated that this was always the plan, but it might just restore your faith in the movie if you've had your doubts up until now. The same user has also revealed that Doctor Doom has two costumes and is a great villain, so that too is good to hear. What do you guys think? 

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