UPDATE: Kate Mara Doesn't Know If She's 'Sue Storm' In THE FANTASTIC FOUR

<font color="red">UPDATE:</FONT> Kate Mara Doesn't Know If She's 'Sue Storm' In THE FANTASTIC FOUR

Less than 24 hours after Hollywood trades revealed that Kate Mara was in final talks to play Sue Storm, MTV spoke with the actress about The Fantastic Four and Michael B. Jordan playing her brother.

"According to Twitter, I am," said Kate Mara when MTV asked if she is really playing Sue Storm, aka Invisible Woman, in Fox's Fantastic Four reboot. "I literally have not heard a thing, which is alarming," Mara told MTV News. "Last night in bed, I was scrolling through movie news. I was like, 'What? I got the part?' I still haven't heard. I want LA to wake up so that I can make some phone calls and figure this out." When asked to clarify, Mara responded: "I literally don't know 100 percent that I have that part," she said. "I don't like to celebrate before something's real because how embarrassing would that be? I hope so." Regardless of the status of her casting, the actress says she's really excited about the project and that she'll have to get up to speed on the comics. She also praises Josh Trank's directorship on Chronicle. When asked about the controversy surrounding actor Michael B. Jordan playing Sue Storm's brother, Johnny aka Human Torch, Mara said: "Again, I credit Josh Trank for that because... he thinks outside the box. I don't actually know whose idea that was, but it just makes me trust that he's going to make an awesome movie. Regardless of myself, I'm such a massive fan of all those guys." What do you think?

Directed by Josh Trank from a screenplay polished recently by Simon Kinberg, The Fantastic Four is scheduled to commence principal photography this summer, and it'll hit theaters June 19, 2015!
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