9 Awesome Clash Of The Titans Posters!

9 Awesome Clash Of The Titans Posters!

9 Awesome <em>Clash Of The Titans</em> Posters!

These 9 one sheets may vary in the finished product, but Harry over at AICN has got some early glimpses sent from his "spies", and here they are in all their glory...

These posters feature the first glimpses of Ralph Feinnes as Hades,(The one that should be Liam Neeson as Zeus in the silver armor also appears to have Fiennes' face!) Pegasus, The Kraken and, most importantly, Medusa! Those of you who have not seen the original may want to be aware of one poster in particular being pretty spoilerific.

UPDATE: 11/04/2009 - We've been contacted by WB to take down the images.

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