BOX OFFICE: HANSEL & GRETEL Projected For $14M Weekend

BOX OFFICE: HANSEL & GRETEL Projected For $14M Weekend

The fairytale witch-hunting siblings are projected for a lower opening weekend than what Paramount initially estimated. However, international numbers should keep Norwegian director Tommy Wirkola's picture out of the red.

As stated above, Hansel & Gretel was number one Friday with $6 million and is on pace for a $14M weekend. Paramount expected the $50M motion picture to open in the high-teens to low 20's which is a bit higher than the latest projection. The film was never projected as a big U.S. draw and is expected to do the lion's share of its business overseas as evidenced by the $8.6M opening in Russia. It should also be noted that there was a considerable snow storm that hit the East Coast last night which certainly dissuaded more than a few from venturing out to the theater.

For comparable opening weekend figures (domestic), Dredd earned $6.3M, The Man With The Iron Fist earned $7.9M, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter took $16.3M last June and Jack Reacher earned $15.2M.

New Red-band Trailer For HANSEL & GRETEL

Running Time: 1 hr 28 min
Release Date: January 25 2013 (USA)
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Jeremy Renner, Gemma Arterton, Famke Janssen
Directed by: Tommy Wirkola
Written by: Tommy Wirkola and Dante Harper

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