Conan The Barbarian Hits DVD/Blu-Ray Nov. 22nd!

Conan The Barbarian Hits DVD/Blu-Ray Nov. 22nd!

<I>Conan The Barbarian</i> Hits DVD/Blu-Ray Nov. 22nd!

It appears that the critically panned Conan The Barbarian revamp will be hitting stores this November, with Amazon revealing the release date for the film on its preorder page...

According to Amazon, Marcus Nispel's critically bashed revamp of Conan The Barbarian will hit DVD/Blu-Ray November 22nd, later this year. also confirms that the film will be released on that date. No cover art in the US (click here to check out the UK covers) or any other details have been released yet, but an official announcement from Lionsgate should be made very soon (especially with the film bombing at the box office).

To preorder your copy of the film, click the link below.

Starring Jason Momoa, Rachel Nichols and Stephen Lang, Conan The Barbarian is in theaters worldwide!
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