New Conan Set Photo And Interview with Director Marcus Nispel!

New <i>Conan</i> Set Photo And Interview with Director Marcus Nispel!

Check out the new set photo and interview with the director of Conan.

Conan starring Jason Momoa, Stephen Lang, Rachel Nichols, Ron Perlman and Rose McGowan has been filming in Bulgaria for some time now. Dimitar Nikolov had the opportunity to interview director Marcus Nispel recently for

Topics discussed ranged from working on location in Bulgaria to the differences between this and previous Conan films.

Here is a portion of the interview from novinar (keep in mind this interview is translated).....

Before you said that shooting "Conan" is the child you dream. How do you feel when you finally run his childhood dream?

When I was a kid, movies in cinemas came perhaps years after their premiere in America. I'm from Germany and there had to wait at least half a year or even over to see "Star Wars", "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" or "Conan." But we listened to the soundtrack, saw action heroes, knew about the movie and I thought before we saw them. So actually I created the movie in my head before I saw him. Now everyone asks me if I do a remake. I answer that really make this film as a child I imagined in my head. Shoot him in the way you imagined it then, but not the way it was.

Did you shoot in Bulgaria?

First, I heard that they will be shot in Bulgaria, I wanted to come and see the country. I understand that taking a picture of Bulgaria as New York or Los Angeles for "The Black Dahlia." In 'Conan' But here is super appropriate. Do not you need to build sets. Everything has it. We were in Varna in Pobiti stones. We were in the caves. And it's better than any special effects. Conan is an action hero, based on reality, he is on another planet and the Earth - just like Tarzan. So I did not want to paint or build something, once I find it real. Middle Ages are still living in Bulgaria, which is medieval history.

How will this Conan is different from previous films with the same name?

Well past have the same name - "Conan," but we will not make the same film again. We get back to the books of Robert E. Howard. These books have inspired hundreds of graphic novels, many video games and movie that was made before the disco era when special effects were important. We decided to make this "Conan" more real, less special effects through cascades. That's why everyone in the team understand martial arts. Even the actor who plays the little Conan.
I think this is something new - in this time when there are so many video games and special effects to make a film that is closer to the authentic experience.

Have experience in horror movies. You'll see an element of horror and "Conan"?

"Conan" is definitely a movie for adults. There is sex, violence and lot of action. He is a barbarian and everything will be great fun. But is not sadistic or horror movie with torture.

Click here to read the entire interview.

Check out the new set photo below.

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