Exclusive Interview: Christopher Judge Talks Upcoming Comic Book Movie

Exclusive Interview: Christopher Judge Talks Upcoming Comic Book Movie

Exclusive Interview: Christopher Judge Talks Upcoming Comic Book Movie

He also tells how he was almost Blade.

Christopher Judge is best known for playing the alien, Teal'c, on Stargate SG-1. What you may not know is he has done a lot of voice over work, as well:

  • Magneto on X-Men: Evolution

  • Zodak on He-Man

  • Simon Grey on Action Man (UK)

  • Jericho on Turok (VG)

  • D-Mob in Def Jam Vendetta (VG)

He's got some new voice over work going in some version of an animated Deadpool. He starts that on Wednesday and when I asked him what character he was playing, he said "I've forgotten". The deal is still being finalized but he says he plays one of the leads for "Deadpool 2". I didn't have the heart to tell him the first incarnation came from Hulk Vs but I don't think it would have mattered either. He is definitely a fan of comic books though.

Judge has a new movie coming out called Paradox. It is based off the short series from Arcana Comics.

Homicide detective Sean Nault, a cop on a parallel Earth whose technology is powered exclusively by magic. Sean investigates a baffling series of murders committed by a means he's never seen before: science. With the aid of Lenoir, a member of the ridiculed subculture of "pragmatists" who believe science is more than the stuff of myths & children's stories, and the 130-year-old sorcerer Winston Churchill, Sean uncovers an ominous plot that will lead him to another dimension and the realization that, unless he prevents it, both earths could well be destroyed.

It will be showing at Cannes and have a trailer at Comic-Con this year. They are planning on making it a trilogy if all goes well.

Chris seems to be a true comic book fan, especially growing up. In the interview, he tells how "When I came back after college, my brother had sold my entire comic book collection. So, I'm laughing now"

Judge also tells the story of how he almost became Blade:
"I went to Showtime and actually discussed with the President at that time 'Hey, would you guys , If I can get the rights to Blade, would you guys be interested in doing Blade as a series?' And they were. Thank God I couldn't get out of my Stargate contract [it ended up lasting 8 more years]. Years later, one of the guys at Showtime, at the time, became the head of Spike and they ended up doing the TV version of Blade, years later."

Chris also said he'd like to do some version of a live action superhero like Black Panther. He was a great guy to just hang out and talk to. He was constantly walking around the convention when he wasn't doing autographs and from what I was told, he partied pretty hard at night as well.

For the rest of the interview, head over to Earth's Mightiest to hear about his upcoming TV series, Rage of Angels. He lets loose pretty hard with some "adult language and subject matter".

Now, just to get matters out of the way. These were my first real interviews so, I know, it is chock full of ums, yeahs and things I wish I'd done differently. You also need to avert your gaze from the blinding light emanating from my head but it was a great learning experience and one I hope to build on.
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