EXCLUSIVE: Scorpion King 4 Cast Interviews: Don The Dragon Wilson

EXCLUSIVE: Scorpion King 4 Cast Interviews: Don The Dragon Wilson

CBM was given multiple interviews with a variety of cast members for the upcoming Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power cast. First on this list, is the legendary martial arts action superstar, Don "The Dragon" Wilson. Click the jump for more!

CBM had a great opportunity to interview 6 stars cast in the 4th installment of the Scorpion King movie franchise, which is a direct to Blu-Ray movie releasing January 13th, 2015. A campy action comedy that departed from its darker third installment to become more of a family friendly movie. A decision that made the movie more interesting, funnier, and entertaining to watch. I spoke with stars Victor Webster (Continuum, Charmed, Surrogates) who plays the eponymous character of Mathuyus, The Scorpion King, who took on the mantle from The Rock in the third film after the first sequel explored the characters younger beginnings, with Michael Copon in the leading role. I had a wonderful time speaking to Will Kemp (Van Hellsing, Step Up 2: The Streets) the antagonist in the film, Drazen; the always amazingly beautiful Ellen Hollman (Spartacus: War of the Damned, Weeds) who Co-Starred alongside Webster as the would-be future queen who has been imprisoned by Drazen and his father, the king. I got to interview Ellen alongside Barry Bostwick (Law & Order, Franklin & Bash) whose film career resume goes as far back as the 60's across multiple genre's. And I also got to follow up with Lou Ferrigno (THE HULK!), who I spoke with during Wizard World Comic-Con last September and told us a little bit about his role in this movie. Last but not least, the man Included in the interview below. He's none other than Don "The Dragon" Wilson. One of the greatest (if not greatest) martial art champions in history, who due to injury was unable to film some of the other scenes planned for him in this movie; but was happy to be a part of the project none-the-less. 

This first interview is pulled from the group interview I conducted with Don Wilson, Victor Webster, and Will Kemp. 

This is the first of six interviews we will begin releasing January 5th. For now I hope you get to enjoy reading this interview as much as I enjoyed conducting it.

CBM Manny: "I was really excited to hear about this interview and I definitely wanted to get a chance to speak with you about this film. But you were only in this film for a few moments in the beginning..."
DW: “Yes! There was more planned but I received an injury, I got stabbed, everything was shortened up and I was happy I was in the small amount I was.”

CBM Manny: “Yeah, I had a really weird question for you. Because there was a trend I noticed throughout the entire film. It seemed to have started with you, rather on you in one of the early scenes, and again when you and the other soldiers charged the vault room. What’s with all the nut punching!? [Hysterical laughter] –Everyone’s getting kicked or punched in the balls!?”

Poor Drazen (Will Kemp) at a random moment is getting #nutpunched 
DW [Hysterical laughter]: “I realized there was a little […], I don’t what that was [still chuckling] There was actually more choreographed [fights ending in groin attacks] than actually appeared in the film. Because I think, […] somebody must have somewhat noticed that. They [The Production Team] took it out of the choreography. But there was actually more nut…punching and crunching and kicking and hitting than you actually saw.”

CBM Manny: “Yeah there was a lot of testicular fortitude going on. Everyone was either getting stabbed, kicked, poked, punched, or generally whacked in the nuts with something. I was really surprised to see that. I was screaming: Noooo! The Dragon wouldn’t get kicked in the nuts, he’d kill all of you! That’s not what injured you right, you said ‘stabbed’? You weren’t stabbed on the nuts right!” [Laughing]
DW [Hysterical laughter]: “No! Ha! Oh I think there was something originally choreographed for mine but it got eliminated from shooting.”

CBM Manny [chuckling]: Now, I don’t…I doubt you’d remember this. But I got a chance to work with you when I was much younger. Back in 1994. You and I and a whole bunch of other folks. Obviously You had lines, I didn’t, I was among the stunt performers. We all were wearing all kinds of crazy glitter makeup that glowed in the dark.”

DW: “Oh, Batman Forever!”

CBM Manny: “Yeah!”
DW: “Yeah!”

CBM Manny: “I got to be one of the stunt performers in Batman Forever and I was actually having trouble in one of the scenes. I don’t know if you remember this. But they asked a couple of us to do jackknife kicks…none of the folks there could, so I stepped up and was able to do it, but I was having trouble with my height because I was much shorter…and You helped me…get the right lift and spin and helped me correct my form to deliver it correctly. It wasn’t used in the film, but I remember that moment well—Don “the Dragon” Wilson helped me do a better jackknife. I was almost crying from how awesome that moment was for me.”
DW: “I remember that--that's great! Good to meet you again. I’m also glad I wasn’t my normal jerk self and said ‘hey man you’re on your own!’ back then” [laughs]

CBM Manny [chuckling]: “No! You were great, strict and very direct, but polite…you said 'do this and you’ll do it'. You were straight forward not curt but direct, very authoritative and I didn’t want to disappoint you and get kicked in the head. So I did what you said and nailed it. You told me ‘If you can’t do it, just do this and let’s move on!” before I landed it properly [chuckles].”
DW: “Now that you mention it, yes I remember it very well and that was great. That movie was like this one to me. Just a lot of fun. […] Everyone on the set was great, you and the rest of stunt crew and the cast. I just had to come in and do one thing and leave. You know, when I saw this film, I was really happy I was part of it. It has so much entertainment value with the action, the comedy, the stunts. I can’t say enough about Scorpion King 4. Will and Victor, great guys to work with and I can’t wait to work with them again.”

CBM Manny: “Now, I remember (still watch) a lot of your old school films. I grew up watching your stuff. If there are people that influenced me to start Gojo Ryu, I’d have to say it was people like yourself and Taimak…”
DW: “I was just with Taimak! HBO just had a big party for the 30th anniversary of The […] what was it? Black…”

CBM Manny: “The Last Dragon!”
DW: “Yes, The Last Dragon, right...”

Victor Webster [In the background]: “SHO’NUFF!”

CBM Manny [Guffaw!]
DW [laughs]: “Yeah it was in Time Square in NY, we had screenings of it. Yeah they invited me and believe it or not they gave me a thing—The Dragon Award—So I guess when you’re called “The Dragon” you get the Dragon Award, it was the Urban Action Showcase.”

CBM Manny: “That is…that's awesome! I mean going all the way back from Ring of Fire, to all of the Bloodfist films, even The Sentinel—You’re still making many more films. And there are still quite a few of them coming up. Can you tell us about any new projects you’d like to promote, plug, or talk about right now?”

I still have the original Inside Kung-Fu Magazine when he announced his retirement of the sport.
DW: “You know what I’d like to plug. […] Once and awhile I do a film considered a family film, this one [Scorpion King 4] is one but of course I’m not the star, I’m only in one early scene. But—The Martial Art Kid—similar to The Karate Kid type of film. It’s really got a good message—anti-bullying message. And I didn’t realize it but 160,000 children stay home every day in America because of bullying. That’s really a big problem. So, I’ve kind of gotten behind some anti-bullying charities and it’s really been rewarding for me on a personal level, not just…you know—the cash.” [chuckles]"

I had a couple of other questions for Don but time was running out so I gave him my usual final questions regarding favorite comic characters and dream roles to play in a CBM.

CBM Manny: “Same as before with the other gentlemen, favorite comic book character and if you can play any character in any comic book movie who would it be?"

DW: “Well my favorite comic book character is Spider-Man. Because, you know […] When I was a kid we used to play dodge ball. And, I…I’d imagine that I had spider-senses and somehow they [other kids] couldn’t hit me with that ball. So I was Spider-Man when I was a kid. Of course I wouldn’t be right for playing him. But if I was going to play a comic book character. I think that Doctor Strange would be kind of cool. Even though he’s not Asian. But […] He was that one guy that had magic…"

CBM Manny: “Yep.”

DW: “If you think about superheroes and things…regardless of whether they are like the Hulk or Iron Man […]. Magic was something that I thought was kind of (you know) cutting edge for Marvel to have a guy…not a normal superhero, but a magical superhero."

CBM Manny: “Awesome! Would be interesting to see you as the Ancient—The Sorceror Supreme, the man that trained Doctor Strange, that’d be kind of cool too. Or even an older Baron Mordo, his nemesis..."

Make it happen Marvel!  --Sarah Finn, C.S.A.; I'm looking at you honey!

DW [Chuckles]: “Heh, well, yeah!"

CBM Manny: “Well thank…you”

DW: “I get the older roles now!” [Laughs]"

[Group laughs]

CBM Manny: “This is true, thank you! You don’t look your age and keep doing what you’re doing. I’m sure you’ll continue to inspire youngsters like you did me as a kid. It was a great pleasure to interview you with the cast of The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power.”
This interview was an early Christmas present for me from my Editor-In-Chief, Nate Best; rather it felt like... Recently I got to interview Gary Daniels for Flickering Myth and now Don "The Dragon" Wilson, my old school martial arts action film fanboy is quite content. They were both great experiences. I've already written up the other five interviews for the cast of this highly enjoyable Blu-Ray release and will be adding them to the CBM Admin. They're post dated to start January 5th. I sat through the screening of this movie a couple of days ago and I enjoyed the movie from the point of view that I knew it was a direct-to-dvd, VOD release by Universal. It has a very episodic, serialized feeling to the production. It was relatively family oriented and was akin to an old school Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episode. A topic I spoke about (at length) with the rest of the cast. 

Don will be in a variety of upcoming films and series next year: Killing the Seeds, The Masters Legacy, The Reel Deal, The Martial Arts Kid, One More Round, White Tiger, and Marta Steel. But if you are curious about some of his old school work and love martial art movies...his work is plentiful and easy to find on Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu. Give Bloodfist, Ring of Fire, The Sentinel, Out for Blood, and arguably one of his best martial art action movies--Black Belt--a screening. Be sure to get yourself a copy of The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power when it releases January 13th, 2015.

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By @EmanuelFCamacho
Editor, Staff Writer | CBM

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