Ghostbusters 3 and the Potential Future!

Ghostbusters 3 and the Potential Future!

Ghostbusters 3 is being released soon, but what is it going to be about? Is it what the fans want and what the fans are dieing to see? Or will it be worse than Ghostbusters 2?

Let's face it everyone. GHOSTBUSTERS IS A DIEING FRANCHISE. I hate to say it but it is. As much as I love Ghostbusters, every time I mention them its like a joke. But for some time now news has been circulating that Ghostbusters 3 is close, with a release date of summer 2012 (hopefully), a script by The Office writers and the original 4 coming back (well maybe not Murray, please read the f*$!ing script for godsakes!) it seems likely we might be seeing proton packs and ghosts wrecking havoc in New York. But what are we going to see, what do we know and what we don't know about this movie. Let's investigate shall we!



Most of them are back actually. Ivan Reitman is returning to the directors chair to direct the 3rd Ghostbusters with Dan Akroyd and even Harold Ramis coming back as well. And who else but Ernie Hudson returning as well. But what thing that erks me the most and just irritates me. BILL MURRAY! My god I love the guy but you sir really have it in for annoying people this much. I mean the fans, the studios, and even the cast are annoyed with him. Why? BECAUSE HE IS TAKING THIS LONG TO READ ONE SCRIPT! I get it, Ghostbusters 2 wasn't as funny or charming as the first film. But seriously man, what's the hold up? It's just a script. Whether or not we are going to see him in the movie we still got some people back. Sigourney Weaver shows interest in the movie but Rick Muranis not so much sadly. Would love to see him back, or at least cameo. But either way we are inching way.


The story is now that the original 4 are retiring and are giving up the proton packs and firehouse to a new crew of Ghostbusters who are younger. In all honesty, its a pretty good idea. As much as I hate to hear them retire. Let's face it, the comedy is old and it's time for a newer generation to step in. With comedy faces such as Seth Rogen, Steve Carrel, Rainn Wilson, Tina Fey and more, it would be cool to see a potential movie. The Ghostbusters are the superheroes of comedy movies in my opinion and a new comedy cast is needed. Again plenty of young actors who are funny to the young crowd and even old generation can step up to the plate. On who the Ghostbusters are facing though is a bit hush-hush. Hopefully it's not the Hellbent storyline but something else entirely. But what we are going to be facing is probably going to take not 4 but 8 Ghostbusters to take this sucker down.


Yea I said it, GHOSTBUSTERS 3D! ISN'T THAT AWESOME!? Come on who wouldn't wanna see a stream from the proton pack fly right through the silver screen. Ghosts flying through the theater, STAY PUFT ROARING TO THE CROWD! (OK WAY TO HEAD OF MYSELF) Either way it's something we can look forward to in my opinion. If it's converted though THEN MAYBE I AM WRONG. But if it filmed in 3D I wanna see a lot of action. I mean this needs to be a comedy action film. In the 80's we were limited to what we can do with effects. Now we have effects that would blow the people from the 80's minds now. So why not eh? GHOSTBUSTERS 3D! (NO CONVERSION!)



We don't know for sure who is going to appear in Ghostbusters. Anna Faris is the only rumor I heard of and even Eliza Dusku to be part of the Ghostbusters crew. But again NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE. I would love to see a girl Ghostbusters though but not a ditzy one. More like the strong type like the girl from Extreme Ghostbusters. Again it's not certain what is happening but hopefully something big.


We don't know for sure if he is coming back at all. No one knows until he digs into his mail and grabs the script and reads it. Hopefully he does though, I mean this could be big for him. Whether its pay or creative control, I think Bill needs to return. Ghostbusters 3 needs him and without him honestly Ghostbusters is going to fail in my opinion. BRING BACK VENKMAN!


Too early to say but what is going to happen in the end? I mean are they going to retire for good? Time will tell. It would be pretty hard to say goodbye, the same way it was hard to say goodbye to Michael Scott on The Office. It was hard but yea I feel relived he had a happy ending and gets what he wants. That's how I feel for the Ghostbusters, that life moves on with them and they live it to the fullest. Whether that happens or not though is interesting, I wish they return for a 4th and 5th movie or 6th but time will only tell.


Well when this movie hits, GHOSTBUSTERS IS GOING TO ROCK THE WORLD AGAIN! Even if this movie sucks its going to make some serious bank and even though I said the name is a joke to some people, its still going to be a massive hit when its hit theaters due to the special effects and new crew coming in to take over. I love to see this though and honesty I would love to see the franchise continue in games, or comics or maybe the smaller median like a live-action tv show. Ghostbusters can expand in other cities, GHOSTS DON'T JUST LIVE IN NEW YORK, but are in fact everywhere. It would be great to see new Ghostbusters in different cities how Law & Order and CSI are they can do the same. Ghostbusters: Miami, or Ghostbusters: Philidelphia, or shit I don't know. Either way Ghostbusters will make a huge comeback.

Don't know if anyone remembers but how about the ride in Universal Studios, don't you think Universal will open up another ride due to the financial success of Ghostbusters 3? They still own the rights and the rights were even bough again in 2007, so what is Universal planning with them? I don't know hopefully they take Twisters shitty ride and replace it with Ghostbusters. Or maybe replace Men In Black for a Ghostbusters shoot out with ghosts. Or maybe Earthquake will get replaced with Ghostbusters, who knows. Fact is Ghostbusters is coming back and i am excited AS ALL HELL!


If Ghostbusters ever gets remade, I might be silly here but is it me or is this the perfect remake cast for Ghostbusters reboot.

Steve Carrel- EGON
Seth Rogen- RAY STANZ
Paul Rudd- Venkman
Romany Malco- Winston

.........lost for words.
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