Graphic Novel Series UTOPIA Season Two; Episode One & Two Teasers

Graphic Novel Series UTOPIA Season Two; Episode One & Two Teasers

The dark and enigmatic conspiracy thriller returns for a second six-part series. The Utopia Experiments is a legendary graphic novel shrouded in mystery. Video promo for Episode one and two plus synopsis this way...


In 1974, young scientific genius Philip Carvel meets an idealistic security services agent, Milner, at a secret forum of political, industrial, financial and academic leaders. Milner is in charge of a powerful shadowy organisation known only as The Network. Together they hatch a radical plan they believe will save the human race from the horrific ramifications of over-population...

Five years later, in the 1979 winter of discontent Carvel is tormented by his love for his daughter Jessica and his guilt over what he has done to his son, and is beginning to lose his mind. He has made an adjustment to Janus and is refusing to release it to Milner. But a determined Milner refuses to let either political events or Carvel's impending breakdown get in the way of their goal.


In the present day, Jessica has been held captive by Milner who has tortured her in a desperate attempt to find out just what adjustment Carvel made to Janus. Ian and Grant are desperately searching for Becky. The Network is planning V Day - a strategy to vaccinate the whole world from Russian flu and Geoff is being forced to sell the idea to the nation.

Starring: Fiona O'Shaughnessy, Alexandra Roach and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett.

LEEE777 -  Episode one airs tonight on Channel 4 (UK/Ireland) at 10pm, and episode two airs tomorrow same time, same channel. HBO has picked up the rights for a US version.
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