Misha Collins Returning to SUPERNATURAL!

Misha Collins Returning to SUPERNATURAL!

After supposedly meeting his end in the season seven premiere; TV Line has confirmed that Collins will be returning later this season.

TV Line reports that a Warner Bros. TV spokesperson confirmed that Collins would be guest appearing for episode 17 and in “at least two additional episodes” after that, but it's also said that he may not be portraying the fan-favorite Castiel.

Executive producer Sera Gamble was quoted, after Castiel met his end in the series, saying, "It has always been our intention to bring back Misha in some form. We certainly can’t say too much about where the story is going to go, but we love Misha and want to continue to work with him.”

The series follows Sam and Dean Winchester​, two brothers bound by tragedy and blood to the one thing that runs through both their veins − hunting monsters. Over the past few seasons, Dean and Sam faced insurmountable obstacles. The power struggle between good and evil has raged on, with the new King of Hell, Crowley, ultimately emerging as their adversary. Shockingly, Crowley had made a secret deal with Sam and Dean’s closest friend, the angel Castiel, who is now a desperate freedom fighter on the losing side of a post-Apocalyptic civil war in Heaven; together, the uneasy allies sought to open a door to Purgatory, where a great untapped well of souls lie waiting to be used as the ultimate form of military power. Sam and Dean reeled from the betrayal by their friend — and raced to stop the angel and demon before they opened that dangerous, otherworldly door.

New episodes are set to return on Friday January 6, 2012.

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