Neil Gaiman Updates Status Of HBO's AMERICAN GODS And Warner Bros.' SANDMAN

Neil Gaiman Updates Status Of HBO's AMERICAN GODS And Warner Bros.' SANDMAN

What's the status of the Sandman television show? Where do things currently stand at HBO regarding the adaptation of American Gods? Celebrated writer Neil Gaiman gives updates on both projects.

Attending a SXSW panel [“Chuck Lorre: In Conversation with Neil Gaiman”] with Chuck Lorre (The Big Bang Theory, producer), author Neil Gaiman touched on two projects of interest, Sandman and American Gods. Here's a recap of what was revealed.

  • Neil says he feels like it's 1996 again as he's writing new Sandman and Neverwhere.

  • On American Gods, Gaiman said that HBO is waiting on him to finish up a third draft of the pilot. Announced nearly two years ago, I was hoping the project would be a bit further along than this but it's a good thing the show's not being rushed I suppose.

  • As far as rumors of a Sadman television show or movie are concerned, Gaiman stated that "Sandman is completely and utterly owned by DC which is [essentially] Warner Bros. [Sandman] may go over to the big screen or stay with Warner Television. They don’t tell me". Chuck Lorre chimed in and said that he worked there and maybe he should talk to someone as Sandman deserved to be on a screen to which Gaiman agreed.

There's a bit more at the source link below which includes a minute-by-minute recap of the panel. Sadly, it sounds like neither American Gods or Sandman are progressing at a blistering pace. Still, there's always that new Sandman comic book prequel on the way.

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