Once Upon a Time: Season One Review

Once Upon a Time: Season One Review

From the writers of ABC's LOST...

As children we were all introduced to fairy tales, stories, which transported us to another world, one inspired by imagination. Classic stories like Snow White, Lion King and Beauty and the Beast are "stories" that we all know and love in one way or another. For me personally some of these classic fairy tale stories have helped shape me into the person I am today. As far as I can tell, my admiration of comic characters (Spiderman, Batman) came a little later.

When I first heard about Once Upon a Time I was a bit skeptical. I saw the trailers on TV or in the newspaper advertising the series premier back in 2011. At the time I wasn't really interested only because I'm not too much of a fan of twisting around such classic stories. Eventually I stumbled upon Season One on Netflix and decided to check it out. I was hooked within the first five minutes of watching mainly because the story seemed really interesting. Our central character is a woman named Emma Swann who is later revealed as the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.

Right away I assumed she is supposed to be some form of the Princess of Swann Lake, but it turns out that she is in fact a modernized version of the Ugly Duckling. Considering how she spent most of her life alone and has been searching for her family this makes sense. A kid named Henry who is in fact her son that she gave up for adoption 10 years ago finds her and somehow convinces her to come with him to a place called Story Brooke Maine. Its there that we learn that Fairy Tale beings have been trapped between worlds courtesy of an evil curse created by the "Evil Queen".

In our world her name is Regina. The actress, Lana Parilla, is sexy as heck. OMG. Had a crush since the moment I laid eyes on her. I mean, damn. The Evil Queen is the main villain on the show. Her goal was/is to destroy the happy endings of every Fairy tale character by sending them to a world without magic, a world that also prevents them from retaining their identities. Another side villain like character is Rumplestiltskin. He makes deals with everyone. His main catchphrase throughout the show seems to be: "All magic comes at a price!" He should be made into an action figure.

I'm still amazed at how fast I got caught up to the point where after purchasing a few episodes on Itunes I was up to date with the show and caught the mid-season finale, which was superb. Compared to some of the other shows on television Once Upon a Time is among the top five. In my opinion its right above the CW's Arrow, another favorite. Its easy to get hooked on this show just as I have. Got Season One on DVD. Finished it within two days. Its that good.
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