ROB LIEFELD'S GODYSSEY Headed to the Big Screen!

ROB LIEFELD'S GODYSSEY Headed to the Big Screen!

Rob Liefeld's comic creation Godyssey is now in development for a feature film release. What is Godyssey, you ask? Continue on to read more about the controversial comic book creator's mythological series that pits Jesus against Zeus.

Producer's Todd Garner and Brooklyn Weaver have decided to take on production of a new feature film based on Rob Liefeld's GODYSSEY comic.

Garner's Broken Road and Weaver's Energy entertainment will produce. Story centers on the gods of the grand pantheon, including Zeus, Buddha, Ra and Pangu, who must come together to fight a legion of fallen gods in an epic battle over mankind.

Garner discovered the project last month via Twitter when comic book creator Rob Liefeld tweeted about "The Godyssey" becoming his next big project to manager/producer Weaver. Garner and Broken Road exec Sean Robins heard the details of Liefeld's idea -- currently in outline form -- and moved to partner with the duo and lock up the rights.

The Godyssey #1 hit in 1996 and was somewhat controversial in its opening sequences. It starts with Jesus Christ on the cross being mocked by Zeus and the other classical Grecian gods. Jesus comes off the cross to take on Poseidon, Hercules, and ultimately Zeus himself.

After a few panels we find out that this was only a dream sequence by 90's Image mainstay Avengelyne. She and Glory see this as a prophesy and head off to another dimension to stop Zeus from having an all out battle with God.

John Wilbanks
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